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Magik | Marvel 101
Caden Bagasao
Caden Bagasao 13 시간 전
I’m I the only who watched the whole thing?
Jason Cragun
Jason Cragun 13 시간 전
We live in a world where we love Zemo and hate Captain America
GamerXPY Pro
GamerXPY Pro 13 시간 전
Royal Yurtu
Royal Yurtu 13 시간 전
better then endgame YES ZEMO/10
Z Soriano
Z Soriano 13 시간 전
Did Doctor Stranger use the time stone here? The Loop. Zemo I came to bargain!
Renee Hupp
Renee Hupp 13 시간 전
Remember when this was the worst part of Spiderman 3...
D. D.
D. D. 13 시간 전
Literally me (introvert) dancing in a bar.
Feenix 13 시간 전
Drax is actually in this scene. He is just standing incredibly still.
L.A. Meek
L.A. Meek 14 시간 전
It’s like a gta character at a club
V E 14 시간 전
this weirdly satisfied my feelings of missing the outside
Meli Racanac
Meli Racanac 14 시간 전
Un viejo sabroso en movimiento por favor admiremos su sabrosidad uwu
Hector Toro
Hector Toro 14 시간 전
Se dan cuenta que en el trailer aparece Hulk en la batalla que esta en Wakanda ._.
Ravi Sharma
Ravi Sharma 14 시간 전
New captain America wastee actor no real captain America
Cereal Killer
Cereal Killer 14 시간 전
"00:23" 😂 This is not 2017 man!! Now your best bet is *𝐖𝐀𝐓𝐂𝐇𝐃𝐀𝐃.𝐂𝐎𝐌*
Rumples & Things
Rumples & Things 14 시간 전
Marvel: See Black Widow on Disney+ Me: yay Marvel: *wItH pReMiEr AcCeSs* Me: NOOOOOO
justpino7 14 시간 전
I didn't know I needed this
7B-22-Irvin Immanuel
7B-22-Irvin Immanuel 14 시간 전
Fans : ReleaseTheZemoCut! Marvel : You want it? Take it! 1 hour Zemo Cut.
Jeph Daniel Mendiola
Jeph Daniel Mendiola 14 시간 전
BJ Reynoso
BJ Reynoso 14 시간 전
This is EVERYTHING!!!!!
Augstar 14 시간 전
Still watching this and my father didn’t come back yet
Marilu Duarte
Marilu Duarte 14 시간 전
Cómo puede existir alguien tan perfecto 😍❤️😍
Vino Senja Utara
Vino Senja Utara 14 시간 전
DC : harley quinn ❤️ Marvel : Loki ❤️
SuperBadspeller 14 시간 전
(Scoff) good luck with this one
Daniel Conner
Daniel Conner 14 시간 전
Not interested
Dystopian 1984 Now
Dystopian 1984 Now 14 시간 전
*The dislikes just changed.*
Yo its Haley
Yo its Haley 14 시간 전
One hour version. Um YES PLEASE
HRLY ! 14 시간 전
Props to marvel this is really self aware
LOADING 14 시간 전
We need more dancing 🕺🕺☺️ vides from zemo 🥰🥰😍😍😘💖💖🤣🤣😴😴
Lil Chapl
Lil Chapl 14 시간 전
zemo just dancing tobey maguire: ru challenging me?
Zachary Reaper
Zachary Reaper 14 시간 전
Never thought I'll see Captain Britain
Ainz Ooal Gown
Ainz Ooal Gown 14 시간 전
I know it's a movie but who will let their luggage be carried by a stranger and also be led by him? Dr. Broussard did not even ask for an ID.
Raymond Wen
Raymond Wen 14 시간 전
Marvel can you make a longer version? Kinda tiring to restart every hour
Frobbie 14 시간 전
Hands down the creepiest Marvel trailer of them all, but like its super cool
Amazing_boi 14 시간 전
Time to vibe
Jesse Rodriguez
Jesse Rodriguez 14 시간 전
As a 21 yr old, I thought I needed to dance with a woman. As a 45 yr old, Zemo is showing me I don't need to.
Aman Tiwari
Aman Tiwari 14 시간 전
Ye nhi marne wala chahe isko jala hii dalo ye har baar wapas aa hii jaata hai
KCU 3 14 시간 전
Marvel has never let me down, never ran around, or deserted me
Cesar Haniel
Cesar Haniel 14 시간 전
Eclipse’d 14 시간 전
Who needs marvel movies when we can get the full zemo cut
Mawiiy Gaming
Mawiiy Gaming 14 시간 전
Marvel : Being Serious Also Marvel :
Smasher 2015
Smasher 2015 14 시간 전
now that would be a good fortnite emote
PxlMxl 97
PxlMxl 97 14 시간 전
Hey remember when he disassembled the avengers and nearly killed himself?
Jainil Patel
Jainil Patel 14 시간 전
it should be a 24hr loop
GreenHill NerdNew
GreenHill NerdNew 14 시간 전
Bro Duke
Bro Duke 14 시간 전
Is Don Lemon on the Marvel writing staff? Holy Woke
Fernando Castillo
Fernando Castillo 14 시간 전
Why 1 hour if you could make it 10?
Lexie Sontag
Lexie Sontag 14 시간 전
Me: idrk if I like zemo as a character yk Me, after watching this: best man in the show hands down
Peppers 10
Peppers 10 14 시간 전
Who’s here in 2021 watching this because of Falcon and the Winter Soldier
Sergits 02
Sergits 02 14 시간 전
song name?
N 'So
N 'So 14 시간 전
When you show up to the club but haven't had your first drink yet.
MamaBear Angela
MamaBear Angela 14 시간 전
Perfect. That's my man.
Ellie Ramey
Ellie Ramey 14 시간 전
The video that lives rent free in my brain... permanently
Anonymous 14 시간 전
Eventually Study related things had to evacuate
Roger The Great
Roger The Great 14 시간 전
Really hope he stays on the good side... His character is A 1
Nandish Patel
Nandish Patel 14 시간 전
Can’t spell ZEMO without some EMO.
Timothy Jackson Drake
Timothy Jackson Drake 14 시간 전
Corporations may be out of touch but marvel just struck gold. I'm impressed
Shotgunspaceman 14 시간 전
Me as an introvert dancing in a club
Eric B
Eric B 14 시간 전
The fact Marvel themselves uploaded this 😂😂😂
Kira Amina
Kira Amina 14 시간 전
Man, if it were ten years ago, I would totally be setting up a Zemo Flash Mob!
Siphonophore 14 시간 전
Peter Quill: Finally, a worthy opponent.. Our battle will be legendary! *struts with Why Can't I Touch It by The Buzzcocks playing*
Alejandro buena rola Salazar
Alejandro buena rola Salazar 14 시간 전
Peter :What do I see a rival?? *
Mox 14 시간 전
Drax is his dance partner. We just can't see him.
Tansen Kalita
Tansen Kalita 14 시간 전
Marvel certainly knows what the audience want😂
Itz Shinobi
Itz Shinobi 14 시간 전
A damce battle between zemo, bully Maguire, and star lord would be legendary
NCG_Essel 14 시간 전
This is exactly what I needed lol
진영이재범이 14 시간 전
Sinong nandito para sa module ng filipino?
Edie Babcock
Edie Babcock 14 시간 전
They've created a meme
N 'So
N 'So 14 시간 전
Cap: I can do this all day Zemo: I can do this all night
johnny kwon
johnny kwon 14 시간 전
I'd totally grind that.
soulsleepers 14 시간 전
this. is. HILARIOUS!
The Anti-Christ
The Anti-Christ 14 시간 전
We gotta see John Walker fight the Dora Milaje again.
Nate Foltz
Nate Foltz 14 시간 전
Such a boring character in civil war. Man pulled a ragnarok on us
Nighthawke70 14 시간 전
So, we're doing the multiverse/time travel business. Let's see how many headaches this one causes.
Ashkovar Tomarpal
Ashkovar Tomarpal 14 시간 전
Life is watching Zemo's dancing
Eric B
Eric B 14 시간 전
I'm unfamiliar with his character in the comics but I'm definitely starting to love him haha
Nindroidgamer110 14 시간 전
We can get one hour of Zemo dancing, but have to wait 4 years for an actual movie? While Disney may not have all my respect, I respect them WAAAAAYY more than Warner Brothers.
Roni Ferdiand
Roni Ferdiand 14 시간 전
Whos the girls sitting with him, natasha??
Caleb Murphy
Caleb Murphy 14 시간 전
Now make it 4 hours and put it in a 4:3 ratio!
ASHOK telugu
ASHOK telugu 14 시간 전
It was great and awesome 😊 thanku marvel
Kyle W Helmer
Kyle W Helmer 14 시간 전
RIP the legendary actor
Linka-5an 14 시간 전