SS SS 12 시간 전
FIGHT: 15:15 22:17 30:12
Alex Geller
Alex Geller 12 시간 전
I feel like tank beats him just like Santa cruz they both fight the same
cyto gee
cyto gee 13 시간 전
Let’s see how Tanks power is at 140..tank usually walks around 145 mayb 150 .. barrios is to slow and what is barrios going to do when tank applies pressure.. barrios can’t fight going backwards
Luis Daniel Paraton
Luis Daniel Paraton 13 시간 전
Katamlay yan ba ilalaban kay paquiao
Manuel Iguina
Manuel Iguina 13 시간 전
You already know
julius raguine
julius raguine 13 시간 전
ponta ka yu sa ilalim ng dagat pwet nyo
Romeo Bautista
Romeo Bautista 14 시간 전
SaintKanye 14 시간 전
80s Classic
80s Classic 14 시간 전
Teddy makes its sound so easy!
Meow Reforma
Meow Reforma 15 시간 전
Thurman not afraid to risk his 0 against Anyone unlike Spence and Crawford ducking each other and fighting uber drivers
Daniel Munoz
Daniel Munoz 12 시간 전
@Johnny Patrick who? I’ll give him Shawn but who else I just wanna know
Johnny Patrick
Johnny Patrick 13 시간 전
Spence is fighting uber drivers?? Lol. Fighting much better competition than Canelo, manny, loma these days.
Dancing Diva
Dancing Diva 15 시간 전
They are acting for a trilogy
Dancing Diva
Dancing Diva 15 시간 전
Boring shit...wilder is a joke. So is Fury!
Julian Louden
Julian Louden 15 시간 전
Lol it look like he told the referee thank you 🙏🏽 after he stopped the fight
BoxingWave 1on1
BoxingWave 1on1 15 시간 전
If dirrel was a non black fighter, everyone would be saying robbery lmao. Y’all know dirrel got that W. Davis came to fight tho. Live body . He deserves another payday.
Brand New
Brand New 15 시간 전
Perfect example of why speed and power don’t guarantee victory.
Elizalde Baliad Official
Elizalde Baliad Official 16 시간 전
Now i started to like this man fighting style not running like what he used to, this is the type of boxing i really like
Ксюша Беляева
Ксюша Беляева 16 시간 전
General 17 시간 전
lets be real wat a fight this f will go down in history
Sweet addiction to awesomeness
Sweet addiction to awesomeness 17 시간 전
Charlo = 🤡 😏🙂😄😆😅🤣
Metz 17 시간 전
Yildirim was clearly the winner
Notch Million
Notch Million 18 시간 전
Lol tank love cherries
OLCtv 18 시간 전
U can hear everyone in the crowd talking to Tank
Christopher Cooper
Christopher Cooper 18 시간 전
Deontay had a Jason Warrior moment on the four 🤣 well done Tyson 👏
Luiz Rosario
Luiz Rosario 18 시간 전
😐 Michel Rivera is a Dominican Felix Trinidad.
sinhen li
sinhen li 18 시간 전
Damn manny madiana sent him to the under card he got m&m
Markus Williams
Markus Williams 18 시간 전
Wilder has thunder in his right hand but he’s terrible. If Boxers smother him like Fury figured out he wouldn’t win a fight
blt4649 19 시간 전
christopher freywald
christopher freywald 19 시간 전
I still don't see him beating Tank though. I say that because after watching some of Barrios fights he has a good chin but seems to take a lot of headshots. Well his chin will get tested for sure come May against Tank Davis.
Van 19 시간 전
I respect Garcia, Thurman and Porter for fighting each other in their peaks, truely great.
You Know
You Know 20 시간 전
The way he leaves himself open bisexual Davis is going to flatline him
Frankie Randall
Frankie Randall 20 시간 전
Charlo is running scared, like a duck, quack, quack.
Pika Dead
Pika Dead 20 시간 전
I'm here after Tank announced his fight
Jose Perez
Jose Perez 20 시간 전
Sad to see age got to Lara he would of won he was tired pure heart of champion respect bro 😎
Lawl Nubz
Lawl Nubz 20 시간 전
Dam he Lowkey looks worse
Hype2beast 20 시간 전
Harrison boxed really well. He was winning the fight before the knock downs. If Harrison had a better chin he would’ve won that rematch too.
Emiliano Zapata
Emiliano Zapata 20 시간 전
Pbc make the charlo fight happen!
El Mass Loco22
El Mass Loco22 20 시간 전
The man that can Knockout Davis and give haney HELL and the stoppage 🇲🇽😈🥊🥊🏆🏆
Stiff Jabzz
Stiff Jabzz 20 시간 전
I see why tank fighting this guy,But the whole surprise announcement was trash.He was making it seem like he was about to fight smbdy helluva!!!
Banate Pioneer
Banate Pioneer 20 시간 전
Manny Pacquiao is a Senator, after the fight lifted by another Senator (the bald guy, Former Philippine National Police Chief) and General Bato Dela Rosa
M G37
M G37 21 시간 전
Soon be a champ future of Dominican boxing
Matt 21 시간 전
PBC has sat on Castano. It's a damned shame. I son't see him as the next IT man for the sport. But he's a guy with an entertaining style who brings his ass every time. Why the PBC puts Broner out there to crap the bed while ignoring guys like Castano is beyond me.
AtxVn89 99
AtxVn89 99 21 시간 전
So Tank fighting somebody bigger than him but still somebody with no name who has beaten no top opponents. Tank needs to step up his competition.
007 SNIPER 21 시간 전
Chamorro415 22 시간 전
Santiago won this fight.. Broner still does not let his hands go. 1 min highlights says it all.
Mukdaphan Saengitram
Mukdaphan Saengitram 22 시간 전
ป้ายทะเบียนรถมอเตอร์ไซค์ฯ 2519 - 1376 October th14 ร้านค้าฯ บุหรี่หนีภาษี สรรพสามิต / สิงหนคร/วัดบางพระฯ บางเขียด/สงขลา/เปรม ติณสูลานนท์ ซ.อดุลตานนท์๑-๖ นราธิวาส Bangkok สัตว์นรก THAILAND
Jose Diaz
Jose Diaz 22 시간 전
Gayweather was like I would of never fought Benavides in his prime!!😂😂😂🇲🇽🇲🇽
Champ Brady
Champ Brady 22 시간 전
Can't see a draw here Dirrell should've got the victory
V.A. HOSS 22 시간 전
People can talk all the ish they want to but without Paulies negative bs......Wilder won the first 4 rounds.
vive tu vida(live your life)
vive tu vida(live your life) 22 시간 전
Vedes don't have any footwork and the legs look weak as fuck
Fernando Laxamana
Fernando Laxamana 22 시간 전
How you goin to buy pay per view if what you goin to watch is a boxer running inside the ring its money waste not money wise
Branyo Romero
Branyo Romero 22 시간 전
Let’s see if you could do That to do benavidez vaccine Charlo 💉🦆🦆🤡
Wesley Andries
Wesley Andries 22 시간 전
If your gonna take the belt from the champ, beat the champ.... Don't play dumb games & talk nuff 💩 like ugas did... He blew it😂😂
sterling scruggs
sterling scruggs 22 시간 전
Cmon now people tank is even moving up to fight barrios. Dude has a belt and can really fight. What else can tank do? he isn’t the promoter smh
You Know
You Know 19 시간 전
It’s not a real belt. It’s the “regular” and tank can fight loma, Haney, shakur, Lopez, Valdez etc not this nobody
Literally Shaking
Literally Shaking 22 시간 전
Wilder always said he wanted a body on his record. Little did he know if it wasn’t for Mark Breland that body would’ve been his.
Keenyn Lofton
Keenyn Lofton 22 시간 전
Porters Defense was crazy.
Naveed Mohammed
Naveed Mohammed 23 시간 전
You tap read more and it leads you to the vid... dickhead geaza
Rodrigo Aragon
Rodrigo Aragon 23 시간 전
Tank is gonna destroy this man
Rey 440 Vasquez
Rey 440 Vasquez 23 시간 전
Fuck broner chicken run
thomas church
thomas church 23 시간 전
the female announcer is over talking the corner and her colleague
Larry Lamonts
Larry Lamonts 23 시간 전
even late in his career, Lara is a pretty boxer. ive always enjoyed watching him
Mr.Worldwide 305
Mr.Worldwide 305 23 시간 전
Canelo vs benavidez would be such a good fight! Canelo wins this fight in my opinion there are just flaws I see that canelo would definitely capitalize
V.A. HOSS 일 전
Compubox is a joke. Charlo landed a good 50 punches that weren't even counted. Go and watch the Spence/D.Garcia fight again....Compubox gave Danny credit for 700 punches 😆😆.. he only threw like 400