a e i
a e i 4 시간 전
Very cringe.
KCWOOSH 4 시간 전
The Bees could never
ابو احمد
ابو احمد 5 시간 전
وش ذا الخياس 😪
aurel 5 시간 전
Whoomp, there it is!
KpDiamond Tarot
KpDiamond Tarot 5 시간 전
Welp Nicki’s verse is on repeat!!! ❤️
the5ftgoddess 5 시간 전
Come on Nicki 💯
Prev GOATED 5 시간 전
View 8mil
Silvana Durão
Silvana Durão 5 시간 전
1, 994, 365
Tammy Santos
Tammy Santos 5 시간 전
Nicki killed this
Silvana Durão
Silvana Durão 5 시간 전
Tammy Santos For real!!
asaki 5 시간 전
it's tomorrow spelt "tommorrow" for me
Lil_nunchucks _yt
Lil_nunchucks _yt 5 시간 전
Aaron McPherson
Aaron McPherson 5 시간 전
Go watch Anaconda Video 👌🏼
Jaevon Collins
Jaevon Collins 5 시간 전
sada baby is cancled im just lestening for nicki
David 5 시간 전
Tootsie roll and tag team vibes from the beat. That’s a sample.
ellé brown
ellé brown 6 시간 전
“He a freak like giannis” dayum nicki
De'Quad Binder
De'Quad Binder 6 시간 전
Okay Nicki!
Rosalie Paulino
Rosalie Paulino 6 시간 전
All I got to say is that this IS FIRE!!!!!!!!!
Nick Nat
Nick Nat 6 시간 전
I am here for Sada...2020
Joycelyn Taylor
Joycelyn Taylor 6 시간 전
I had to rewatch after Sada Baby tweets
joehonny monny
joehonny monny 6 시간 전
Nicki Minaj killed it. Only here for her tbh
Aysia Bonner
Aysia Bonner 6 시간 전
Come on y’all we gotta pass the money bag yo song smh
Vivian S
Vivian S 6 시간 전
So we just gonna skip the fact she said 9 mounths pregnat
Sellouts Wrld
Sellouts Wrld 7 시간 전
Sada Baby is the definition of 15 minutes of fame 💀
Ken Worldwide
Ken Worldwide 7 시간 전
Here from NoJumper🔥
Uncle Ray
Uncle Ray 7 시간 전
This shyt is absolutely lit 🔥
Laker Nation
Laker Nation 7 시간 전
This is Garbage!
s 7 시간 전
How can you make so bad music?
Rochell Barbara
Rochell Barbara 7 시간 전
Nicki will murder you on your own song causing you to not promote it 😂👏🏽
Jesse Parami
Jesse Parami 7 시간 전
Kinda sad this comment section
Мишаня 7 시간 전
Tazz Mania
Tazz Mania 7 시간 전
Nasrin Abdi Aziz
Nasrin Abdi Aziz 7 시간 전
Nicki Minaj can improve any beat. This is the blatant display of that.
Vevo Vintage
Vevo Vintage 8 시간 전
Yass Queen!! Love Nicki ❤❤
Vollie Espérer
Vollie Espérer 8 시간 전
Lez get one thing clear barbs; if this shit charts (as it probs will) we gonna praise nicki and ONLY nicki. not the homophobic scum 💖
da future is here
da future is here 5 시간 전
Silvana Durão
Silvana Durão 5 시간 전
umar quadri
umar quadri 7 시간 전
and thats on that. Period
Soe Thein
Soe Thein 8 시간 전
Chick Broom
Chick Broom 8 시간 전
In love with this tune playing everyday
G Mc
G Mc 8 시간 전
i'm Hyperrr
i'm Hyperrr 9 시간 전
When nicki goes forest fire for just a remix for a tik tok song Edit: don't get me wrong the song is fire
W-youtube 9 시간 전
The Queen just murdered
misolou fout
misolou fout 9 시간 전
Imagine when she shows her baby boy and her she breaks the internet again like she did when she announce she was pregnant
Swag #
Swag # 10 시간 전
when you think your preworkout is too weak and you drink another scoop 0:41
audrey20061 10 시간 전
They took that tsf chain for sada rappin with von? I dont hear no FBG diss besides von verse. Guilty by association
Southserve Anarchy
Southserve Anarchy 10 시간 전
This Sounds Something Like From The 80s I Aint Mad
M kind
M kind 10 시간 전
you can't listen to this song just once
Junior Lewisky # That Nigga
Junior Lewisky # That Nigga 10 시간 전
Real barbz will keep str3eaming this song
sophia 10 시간 전
If Nicki and write and record this song 2 days before giving birth, I can write my essay that was due two weeks ago
Silvana Durão
Silvana Durão 5 시간 전
misolou fout
misolou fout 9 시간 전
Malu Has An Onlyfans 😳! kopost.info/home/05eOtdaiZqqqtmQ/bidio
kiity blanket
kiity blanket 10 시간 전
Loveeeee in LOOOVEEEE💞
Deshar Davis
Deshar Davis 10 시간 전
Ruined the song🤦🏿
RobbieWritesCode 11 시간 전
Have they isolated Sars-Cov-19 for the PCR tests to detect it definitively?
Aaron Jomie Moreno
Aaron Jomie Moreno 11 시간 전
nicki minaj owns this song now bye
Sarah 11 시간 전
This is what Waka Flocka Flame what has become if he didn’t find God
d 12 시간 전
Imagine not slapping this before Nicki remixed it
Tracy Ball
Tracy Ball 12 시간 전
Nicki absolutely killed this, unfortunately Asda baby totally ruined the rest of the song, just can’t get away with his voice, doesn’t seem to have any passion in it,
Lungi K
Lungi K 12 시간 전
Nicki went off maaan💀💀
Yade 12 시간 전
this girl back edit: it do sound fire tho
Tina Fortson
Tina Fortson 12 시간 전
I always thought this blac youngsta
Tyra Wieland
Tyra Wieland 12 시간 전
But... is he serious?
Angel Hxze
Angel Hxze 12 시간 전
Lmao idk how to explain it but Nicki sounds so cute here. Went hard too
C.A.R.L R.l
C.A.R.L R.l 12 시간 전
#Barbz #Queen
C.A.R.L R.l
C.A.R.L R.l 12 시간 전
🇦🇷🗣️Barbz 👸🏽😍👑💅👠💄
Jazzya 12 시간 전
I’m here after Nickis fans found his old tweets, saying Beyoncé should Die, and that he hates dark skin people. Never herd of him before. I like the beat. That bout it
Ever B
Ever B 13 시간 전
Still waiting on Cardi album 🤷🏾‍♂️Corona ain't no damn excuse ...it actually gave people time to create...u can still come up with some shit n quarantine...even if u can't tour n do concerts...u can be ready for when Corona is over....any excuse will do...we want our album...lol🙄 trying to trick people with that WAP song....girl we still waiting on a whole damn album 😒..oh right ..this about Nicki😉sorry y'all I got off track. This song is 🔥
Silvana Durão
Silvana Durão 5 시간 전
Davit Petrosyan
Davit Petrosyan 7 시간 전
Lmao you just wrote a whole ass paragraph about someone that has nothing to do with this song gtfo
rotkitty 13 시간 전
Ever B
Ever B 13 시간 전
I don't Care for Nicki or Cardi but I do like some of their music....n other news...THIS SHIT IS 🔥this beat will raise the dead
Marisa Jasmine Arellano
Marisa Jasmine Arellano 13 시간 전
Original sample of the song: I’m ready -Kano Thank me later...
Việt Gamer - Vlogs
Việt Gamer - Vlogs 13 시간 전
Lamar Dizzle
Lamar Dizzle 13 시간 전
*When the song doesn’t match the music video*
zykeveyin malone
zykeveyin malone 13 시간 전
Who’s here after his old tweets resurfaced?
Tebogo Thantsha
Tebogo Thantsha 13 시간 전
When onika said play date with Adonis I was like who the fuck is Adonis then I realized is drake's son oh well🤭🤗🦄💜🇿🇦
BRODY5540 13 시간 전
Nicki the Goat ! Period
TankInbound 13 시간 전
Lmao jfk brought me here
This Legendary 🤣🤣💯
Lil Woozie
Lil Woozie 14 시간 전
Them boiz don’t slide? Ha that’s why yah got yah boi chain snatch!
tapinbrysx 14 시간 전
Malu Has An Onlyfans 😳! kopost.info/home/05eOtdaiZqqqtmQ/bidio
Is only just me or does anyone else hear “hoes in the house” in the background of the beat?🤔😂
Rachelle H.
Rachelle H. 14 시간 전
She always make it hit different
Ty Pin
Ty Pin 14 시간 전
Amanda Jackson
Amanda Jackson 14 시간 전
Lovee mee some saada baabyy