Ritter Vonali
Ritter Vonali 5 분 전
Wtf. They don’t grow their own potatoes!!!
양만춘 11 분 전
약 24년전쯤에 아빠가 폐 삐삐 팔아서 계란빵 2개사주고는 아빠는안먹냐니까 계란싫어한대요. 계란후라이없으면 밥안먹는다고 투정부려놓고는... 보고싶다아빠...ㅠㅠ제겐 추억의음식ㅠㅠ
Charlie T
Charlie T 12 분 전
You just made me not want to eat another burger! 💩 on a bun🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️. Time for me to butcher bulgogi!!!
harry rectum
harry rectum 13 분 전
DDScar17 16 분 전
If get a chance to go to Seoul Korea, that'll be my first stop!!!!!
Jim Willoughby
Jim Willoughby 16 분 전
I don't like burgers all that much but, I would chew on a few of those in a heart attack heartbeat.
김고기쟁이 17 분 전
다~~좋은데 고기가 너무 얇아서 ~~
누나포비 18 분 전
나 여기먹고 장염걸렸는데!
Dennis Sorm
Dennis Sorm 18 분 전
위생이고 나발이고 맛없음
coolguy 2lls
coolguy 2lls 18 분 전
Soon as i saw that that double up. I nutted
브론즈원딜 19 분 전
이런게 대구 인심이구나; ㅠㅠ 사장님 정말 대단하세요 번창하셨으면 좋겠어요 진짜 너무 부러워요 대구분들 ㅠㅠ
paul hennig
paul hennig 19 분 전
OMG!.... beautiful ❤️
Andy Raphael
Andy Raphael 19 분 전
Thats not 100% ground beef
Mike L
Mike L 20 분 전
The chili on the fries just busted my American heart wide open! Well done guys! Bravo!
SAM Taylor
SAM Taylor 20 분 전
What???/. No egg??
Vincent Loparo III
Vincent Loparo III 20 분 전
What was that that went into the beef and onion mixture? Tomatoes?
oggyreidmore 21 분 전
This is NOT an American Burger. The buns are baked fresh daily in house with care by a human being. The meat is ground and seasoned in house from high grade cuts of quality beef. The fries are portioned for people with healthy body weight. The workers are quick, efficient and always practice food safety guidelines in a clean facility. None of this would happen in an American Burger place...
Kelly Heitmann
Kelly Heitmann 21 분 전
Burgers are all relative I guess??? As long as it tastes good!!! 😋😋😋
Vincent Loparo III
Vincent Loparo III 22 분 전
400, you need to get those numbers up, those are rookie numbers. I worked a shop in uni and we served 2500 a day.
양인관 22 분 전
XdisaterX 22 분 전
Imagine having a customer that's alergic to Onions coming to buy a burger..
EnE85 23 분 전
That's a lot of condiments. Wonder how they'd think if I asked for a double with just cheese. haha!
박재성 23 분 전
철판 하믄 역시 볶음밥이지
Shaan Masters
Shaan Masters 27 분 전
Mmmm... Good work, but did not look nice
꼬르륵. 27 분 전
여기 몇시에열어요
enzochiapet 30 분 전
They make a better American burger than we do.
최승민 31 분 전
그.. 설탕떡이라고 지랄하는 애들은.. 그게 없나? 부모 말이야 부모.. 있어서 좀 배운 애들은 본인들 인생에서 먹은 꿀떡이 다 설탕이 들어갔다는 걸 알텐데..
Strongfp 31 분 전
I've seen a few of these "American burger" style videos from Korea, do they really think most American style burgers are just over sized piles of slop or random fried things between two buns?
Arnold Sherrill
Arnold Sherrill 31 분 전
Not sure what it is going to do to my arteries but in any case this does my heart proud and just threw my appetite into overdrive I would love to find a place here in Atlanta that does Burgers like this I would be on the doorstep first thing in the morning with an order
Wayne Guy
Wayne Guy 32 분 전
What a mess.....
Wayne Guy
Wayne Guy 34 분 전
Where s the beef!,,,,,,,,,!!!!!!
리젠 34 분 전
남는게 있으실려나... 한국식 뷔페식당도 8~9000원 이던데
Дмитрий Вивдич
Дмитрий Вивдич 34 분 전
내가 먹고 싶은 비디오를 보면서 어떻게 모든 것이 맛있는 보인다 내가 제대로 작성하지 않은 경우 미안 해요,감사합니다 =)
Myoung Je Kim
Myoung Je Kim 35 분 전
고기는 맛있는데.. 된장이 맛없는게.. 참 아쉬운집이죠. 딱 고기만 먹게되는집..
go Jung
go Jung 36 분 전
여기 생각보다 별로임 ㅋㅋ 보이는게 다가아녀요~~ 그래도 궁금하시면 한번 가보시는걸로~~
김성호 37 분 전
장문재앙김정숙 탄핵방빼
장문재앙김정숙 탄핵방빼 38 분 전
사장님 외모 만큼이나 너무 깔끔한 곳이네요 아무리 직원없이 사장님 혼자 친절하게 운영을 하신다지만 요즘처럼 식사재 값이 장난 아닌데 가게세나 나올려나 모르겠네요
소박박 38 분 전
아는맛이라 다른영상보다 보기 좀 힘들다........
hector perez
hector perez 42 분 전
Its hurting my eyes just looking at this
charlietow 42 분 전
Lol.. Never had a burger like that in America.
kerrystolcenberg 43 분 전
Hes eating fries with a fork
Ken J.B.
Ken J.B. 44 분 전
Ok you have got a new sub from me today great video.
Mana From Heaven
Mana From Heaven 44 분 전
Where is the address of this Korean Buffet? I will definitely go here and eat. The food looks so delicious. ❤️ I would definitely vlog this one. 😍
막창 47 분 전
ㅋㅋㅋㅋ이런 가게는 왜 주위에 없는거냐
kerrystolcenberg 49 분 전
Needs more onion.
Synapse2k 49 분 전
I’ll take one hold the mayo and mustard please
julianbiceps 52 분 전
I don't understand, is rinsing raw chicken under water a thing in Korea or?
Levi Lange
Levi Lange 57 분 전
I'd hate to be the one to tell them after all this time that that's not an american cheese burger...
Reptilian 58 분 전
I dont like the way they cook the burgers. Way too thin and overcooked.
박은영 시간 전
근데 딸기 세척은요?? 딸기 들어간건 못마시겠네요ㅠㅠ
-샤르냥 시간 전
아따야 지리네~
noenoenoe 시간 전
Im Jugyeong's dad
9:43 summons the devil on a bun
Lavatus Donerson
Lavatus Donerson 시간 전
Their cleanliness is outstanding because unlike americans ,they pride health and customer satisfaction and service over money money, much love my korean brothas
James S.
James S. 시간 전
I was all about it until they turned them into pancakes
Angel Guerra
Angel Guerra 시간 전
Thanks to them we are still in this pandemic with the coronavirus. Joe Biden fix it please.
jersey kid
jersey kid 시간 전
Well guess I'm moving to 🇰🇷
DD Just
DD Just 시간 전
저 하트짓만 안하면 완벽할듯 다리벌린것 같기도하고 좀 보기안좋네요
조선협객 시간 전
전비추입니다.솔직히고기값비싸고 품질좋은고기도 아니고 ~그냥입소문인듯요~지역사람입니다
마시다만커피 시간 전
가성비 ㅆㅌㅊ
Joshua Hagen
Joshua Hagen 시간 전
is no one gonna ask why that burger maker put a pentagram on someones bun?
VW5767 시간 전
Does that double cheese burger come with a side of breath mints? Its got come onion power!! They do look good!
link1123333 시간 전
7:55 is that salt or msg?
Browne Hawk
Browne Hawk 시간 전
always watching
always watching 시간 전
So pentagram food taste's better?
TheLoyalOfficer 시간 전
Andrea oldfield
Andrea oldfield 시간 전
No now im hungry 🤤
TheDonna1959 시간 전
I love Korean food! 💖💖💖 When I was stationed at the 121st Evac. Hospital in Yongsan, I always went off base to enjoy the various types of delicious Korean food!
Byron Lee
Byron Lee 시간 전
Assuming u sell every day at 10$aud combo per serving at .10 profit margins u only be making 145.6k a year, which kinda sad
Kelley McBride
Kelley McBride 시간 전
Little by little all new videos are full of people wearing masks........its very disturbing
파파일럿 시간 전
불삼겹살이네요~멋져요~먹음직스런 삼겹살과 더불어 인생삼겹살을 논하는 것도 좋지요~
maiedova 시간 전
That looks like the live oak we have in Florida. When I was in Korea with the Army in the early 80's I was astonished with the lack mature trees in the country. The chicken looks delicious with the exception of the rice. I never liked the rice with beans very much.
Bradley Frank
Bradley Frank 시간 전
Are you in lockdown? Yes KOpost I am. Here is a video for you. -You sadistic mother efffers. I just ate my phone.
Marcos Santana
Marcos Santana 시간 전
Dan Rucker
Dan Rucker 시간 전
I can taste this video.
지안 시간 전
가격 싸다 하지만 맛이 굉장히 달아서 세번 먹기엔 질리는 맛
saywhat?! 시간 전
i just love the whole process.. it’s art within..
SkavenUK 시간 전
What, no onions in the fries??
고두심 시간 전
좋아하는 삼겹살 화려한 불쇼를 보며 눈도 입도 즐겁게 시청하네요~ 푸디랜드가 전국을 투어하시네요~추운날씨에 건강조심하세요~~
Paul C Robertson
Paul C Robertson 시간 전
Good thing's always start with good bread.