Preston Britton
Preston Britton 10 시간 전
The quarrelsome daffodil interestingly pour because himalayan analytically answer athwart a elite goose. slim, ancient silica
Devansh 10 시간 전
It has just been 1 minute in the video but I want to share that I have watched a STOL video of a tail dragger aircraft which was able to takeoff in about 6 ft of ground roll due to "HIGH HEAD WINDS".
Uagaduguanac YT
Uagaduguanac YT 10 시간 전
No,because of no airspeed...
Zharesss 10 시간 전
But what if the engines are not running but the conveyor belt moves at take off speed?
John Lement
John Lement 10 시간 전
Captian Joe Marketing!!
sreelakshmi ellur
sreelakshmi ellur 10 시간 전
Captain Joe Did u run out of topics to make video on? Why such a simple topic, even an 8th grader can answer that.
Wesleyng Wei Lik
Wesleyng Wei Lik 10 시간 전
Physics and logic (Zero Net Force)
shep 10 시간 전
Its a shame this needs answering 😂
Leo Toikka
Leo Toikka 11 시간 전
Gotta love Kennedy Steve, what a legend!
Ron_the_Skeptic 11 시간 전
Of course the plane can take off. The wheels are free spinning when the brakes are released. Propulsion is via the engines moving air and lift is via air moving past the wings.
Adam Valle
Adam Valle 11 시간 전
Ok but for the first part, if the wheels being matched exactly prevents the plane from developing forward momentum, how is it that the wheels ever even began spinning? Since the scenario is impossible because it deals with infinity, let’s assume the wheels have zero friction. The plane will take off with the wheel speed accelerating to infinity. With even the tiniest amount of friction, the wheels would melt.
HCL Channel
HCL Channel 11 시간 전
what if the conveyor runs at the same time as the plane so the ground speed is faster than run only with engine So if conveyor 150 knots and the plane just runs at 120 knots so the ground speed is 270 knots right .
Tim Simulations
Tim Simulations 11 시간 전
No, the plane won't takeoff.
The Cease
The Cease 11 시간 전
The second part blew my mind 👌🏾. I’m glad we never got examined before on this 😃
Jay Dee
Jay Dee 11 시간 전
Four words.. No airflow, no lift
Duane Suter
Duane Suter 11 시간 전
Awesome job with the bone marrow donation Joe! Much respect!
cory calloway
cory calloway 11 시간 전
The judicious smoke cranially sprout because swing separately belong but a tenuous alley. spotty, secret grandson
Oferb553 11 시간 전
This riddle was actually tested by mithbusters, with a small aircraft (i think was a cessna 150 or a piper) taking iff a convayer belt. It took off with no problem.
Muthu Kumar
Muthu Kumar 11 시간 전
We can compare this topic with ourselves on a treadmill. While running on a road, we can feel the airflow around us. But while running on a treadmill, we can't feel that airflow circulation around us. So my opinion will be the plane won't take off.
Simon Rancourt
Simon Rancourt 11 시간 전
Seriously ? Those who proposed this know NOTHING about aviation.
Richy Chen
Richy Chen 11 시간 전
I think it will take off
Michael Karnerfors
Michael Karnerfors 11 시간 전
Here is where the riddle falls apart: Speed of the wheels in relation to _what_ ? Speed of the belt in relation to _what_ ? Wheels in relation to the ground and (top of belt) in relation to the ground? Okey, easy peasy: the plane moves at _v_ , the belt moves at _- v_ and the wheels move in relation to the belt at _2v_ . Wheels in relation to the ground, belt in relation to the wheels? Even easier: belt remains stationary the whole time. Wheels in relation to the belt, belt in relation to wheels? Super-easy: belt moves the wheels, the wheels do not spin at all. Wheels in relation to the belt, belt in relation to the ground? That is a paradox. That is trying to prove that -1 = 1.
Orange Bridge
Orange Bridge 11 시간 전
The wheels are moving but the plane isn’t so There is no airspeed so the plane can’t takeoff
Kristina 11 시간 전
No. The wheels turning don't supply lift for the wings.
khem 11 시간 전
Quist Science Station
Quist Science Station 11 시간 전
Of course, the plane can't take off, the speed of the conveyor belt is the same as the wheels, and when they come into contact, they apply the same force on each other. Thrust (PLANE) and Drag (CONVEYOR BELT) counteract each other. But when thrust is in more action, the plane can move along. But these 2 forces are the same, generating no detectable motion. (JUST SAYING AND EXPLAINING WHAT I THINK). And I didn't watch the full video when typing this.
Samantha Willmer
Samantha Willmer 11 시간 전
for me the best looking planrs are the boeing 777 concordand the b 2 bombet
Julian Holtorff
Julian Holtorff 11 시간 전
I would guess no. The airplane needs to speed up to generate any lift. As soon as the airplane starts to roll, the conveyor belt starts to move the plane in the other direction. So the actual movement of the plane is zero. The engines could run as powerful as they can but it all results in zero movements, therefor no lift and no takeoff. Thats my guess.....
Kounelas 11 시간 전
*before Joe explaining: I think the plane will not takeoff as the wings are the ones that make a plane fly. The wheels may for sure spin, but the plane will not takeoff as all it needs is air passing over it’s wings at a certain speed, which in a normal takeoff will be identical to the wheel’s speed. If you were to put the plane on a car or truck accelerating as the 747 would, without the wheels spinning at all, the plane would takeoff. That’s how some seaplanes takeoff on land. Btw I’m a 15 year old super into aviation and wishing to become a pilot!
Cedric Cappelle
Cedric Cappelle 11 시간 전
Obviously it can't take off! You need to move relative to the air, not the surface!
Aphex Twin
Aphex Twin 12 시간 전
If you were to attach the plane to something on the ground, eg, a jet bridge, and start the conveyer belt, the wheels would start rotating but the plane obviously wouldn’t move. Now detach the plane, because of a small amount of friction in the wheel bearings the plane would start moving backwards slowly. Add a little bit of engine thrust to compensate for that. Then slowly increase the speed of the conveyer belt and the thrust of the engine and again the plane wouldn’t move and thus don’t generate any lift. In reality, the conveyer belt and the engines would create some airflow around the wings that will create some lift. But before that could become really relevant the conveyer belt and the wheels would start to self-destruct.
QBOX 83 12 시간 전
obviously no, aitplane needs air under the wings
Val SGI 12 시간 전
I say No.
Val SGI 12 시간 전
Why : Because in this situation the plane cannot have any air speed => no lift => no take off. (I answer when the questions are asked) (I'm french so sorry for my approximate English)
AD P 12 시간 전
This is so funny LOL :-) Next time use a huge fan. Would like to see that one instead.
njcurmudgeon 12 시간 전
While not airline-specific, this reminds me of another transportation industry - the railroads. Where I live in New Jersey, in the pre-Covid days when taking a train into Manhattan was a more frequent occurrence, there was a conductor on the line I took who had all kinds of tattoos. He was perfectly fine at his job, but he did get some interesting looks from some passengers. But obviously New Jersey Transit did not have an anti-tat hiring policy. Of course, given how they pay less than other area railroads and have had staff-retention issues (trains delayed because they couldn't find an engineer!) so long as you have a pulse you're a good candidate...
John Svensk
John Svensk 12 시간 전
Yes it will move forward and take off! But only due to thrust from the engines... The conveyor belt's velocity is completely irrelevant, since the wheels are not powered!
Xavier Romagosa
Xavier Romagosa 12 시간 전
Soak the tires with oil. Apply full brakes. Full thrust. Take off.
Sourav Pramanik
Sourav Pramanik 12 시간 전
Nope, it's not gonna happen, as there will be less lift generated on the wings during that time.
T33K3SS3LCH3N 12 시간 전
The plane would accelerate even without wheels, just very painfully. The conveyor belt can't actually push the plane backwards, the wheel and belt will just match their rotations while the plane accelerates anyway.
Grumm HD
Grumm HD 12 시간 전
It can
jaco Fourie
jaco Fourie 12 시간 전
No because the wings need pressure
Grumm HD
Grumm HD 12 시간 전
Sorry, but your answer is misleading. The real reason is the friction of the belt which matches the thrust and thus makes the plane stand still. Additionally you just accelerate the tires. This is independent from the friction force applied to the tire and coincidentally matches the momentum used to turn the tire. (Due to the rolling condition of tires)
Zeta Darus
Zeta Darus 12 시간 전
Commenting when i'm at 1:00 in the video, no I don't think the plane can take off, since the plane isn't moving the airspeed is zero, so the wings don't generate lift (assuming there's no front wind) the engines would just produce thrust to keep the plane in the center of the conveyor belt, without any lift I'm curious though, if the engines were in front / behind the wings, would it move enough air to possibly give the plane enough lift to take off without moving?
Dania Awni
Dania Awni 12 시간 전
maybe if the breaks are on the plane would take off..? i don't know if the breaks can handle it though
Chandra Prasad
Chandra Prasad 12 시간 전
How will the aircraft create lift for the wings?
Kevin Ling
Kevin Ling 12 시간 전
question: will a plane take off on a runway with extremely low surface friction?
Chippermonkey33 12 시간 전
Yes. There was a show in the US called Mythbusters that tested this, and proved that it will be able to take off.
Ashwin G
Ashwin G 12 시간 전
No. Just because the wheels move as fast as takeoff speed the wings won't have air to generate lift
TechPorkChop 13 시간 전
Can the same principles of an aircraft carrier slingshot system be applied to airport runways for commercial aircraft?
Bilel Maadi
Bilel Maadi 13 시간 전
Even if the plane reach 300kn there will be ni lift on the wings
Csmok 13 시간 전
planes takeoff with airspeed under wings which generates lift not wheels' speed
runner007 13 시간 전
Again safe with a single sensor without redundancy? Yeah Boeing concept of $afety saving.
golong 1
golong 1 13 시간 전
UpperLipProductions 13 시간 전
UpperLipProductions 13 시간 전
Myth busters already tackled this, the plane takes off
Chris Hard
Chris Hard 13 시간 전
I love this question. Basically it is, if physics could be whatever you want it to be, what would happen? The answer is whatever you want. You’d probably set the engines for takeoff and the universe would end.
ruppokemon25 13 시간 전
Why is this man a pilot? This man needs to be a teacher
Priyantha Thrikawala Waduge
Priyantha Thrikawala Waduge 13 시간 전
Next time the riddle is how do you taxi with the conveyor belt
Thomas Gabrielsen
Thomas Gabrielsen 13 시간 전
You have the courage to conclude on a puzzle that even physics don''t want dare (or bother) to answer. Ballsy! Even Randall at XKCD decided to write a blog post about it instead of making a comic: Even after watching your video I have no idea what would happen, and I'm not going to argue about it either. :-)
Ondřej Stejskal
Ondřej Stejskal 13 시간 전
well, technically, if there is extreme headwind (like slightly above take-off speed of 747), it could take-off (it will basicaly be like VTOL B747)
Talha Abhi
Talha Abhi 13 시간 전
Bertrand Giron
Bertrand Giron 13 시간 전
Hi ! Liked this episode and I have a question : as far as I can remember, we didn't experience water salute landing at Boston Logan, May 2018, although it was the inaugural flight Paris CDG/Boston by Norwegian. I'm convinced it's impossible to miss from the cabin, even though we landed at dusk. Thanks for your videos, I love them !!
Art Houston
Art Houston 13 시간 전
I think you are forgetting some things. Maybe over-thinking this a bit. Because we are used to seeing planes rolling, we are deceived by the riddle, thinking that the plane will dutifully stay in one place due to the wheels spinning. The lift is generated by the movement of the plane through the air, not over a stationary runway. The wheels and the conveyor belt are irrelevant, as long as the wheels are theoretically intact. The thrust produced by the engines propel the airframe into the air mass, and the runway is merely supporting the plane as it produces this thrust.The key idea is that the airplane wheels do not determine forward motion, as with a car. Further, there can be no instantaneous speed matching, since that implies an infinite speed. Thrust will certainly generate forward motion, and therefore, the wheel speed goes through a range of zero to infinite. A moving conveyor belt does not keep the plane in one place, either. If the conveyor speed matches wheel speed, no drag is imposed on the airframe by the conveyor. In theory, you could have the wheels and the conveyor move to mach speeds, (or a theoretical infinite speed) and the wheel assembly would break apart, but the thrust produced by the engines would indeed continue to move the plane through the air mass, and if the wheel assembly was still intact at rotation, it would take off. This so-called riddle is founded on limited thinking.
ToyotaGR 13 시간 전
There is a way to make it fly way sooner as travel distance on a runway! If you make the belt, like the rubber straight escalators wich means, When a plane stops on the runaway to take off, you make the rubber strip move itself by electric motors like escalators, Wich means, if you make it go at for example, 300 km/h the wings will have enough air lift, since the plane would be moving at 300 km/h min plus the air thrust around 400 km/h relative to the ground, But covering allot less distance relative to the ground
Joshua Hall a.k.a. Controlla
Joshua Hall a.k.a. Controlla 13 시간 전
Great video Captain Joe.☺️
MrBenTheBear 13 시간 전
The tested it on Mythbusters. The plane takes off.
Chris P
Chris P 13 시간 전
What if the plane was a VTOL F35? 🤔😉
Aviation World
Aviation World 13 시간 전
Next Question : Why some planes fly over Antarctica while most won't
Aabhas Tandon
Aabhas Tandon 13 시간 전
the plane will be unable to take off, due to zero lift being produced by the wing
andy5478 13 시간 전
The plane flys... period. The mythbusters even tested this. So long as the wheels turn freely it flys.
Jatin Kale
Jatin Kale 13 시간 전
It won't! The plane will be stationary and no lift on the wings!
Michael Goldner
Michael Goldner 13 시간 전
Photons do not move sideways. The right model to explain this effect is the wave model.
pete bateman
pete bateman 13 시간 전
Waste of time. No matter how carefully you explain this some people almost wilfully misunderstand it.
Jonathan De Souza
Jonathan De Souza 14 시간 전
8:05 That is so logical 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Ephraim Mathapo
Ephraim Mathapo 14 시간 전
Fly safe Joe.
Jens Pedersen
Jens Pedersen 14 시간 전
No, having the conveyer-belt turning excatly the same speed as the wheels will define the aircraft to completely stand still, compared to the sorroundings. (otherwise, the definition is untrue). This means no airflow for the wings (except wind - but that's not part of the riddle).
Kilian Corish
Kilian Corish 14 시간 전
No you can't. You have ti make lift
Thimblebumble 14 시간 전
Disregarding fuel use, it should be able to take off? That large of a conveyor belt, moving fast enough to have the force transmitted through the bearings into the plane, would also accelerate the air over the runway to a ridiculous extent
Ryan Chon
Ryan Chon 14 시간 전
You are very handsome!
Ruslan Zarifov
Ruslan Zarifov 14 시간 전
It won't lift off, because the air around the plane isn't moving, therefore the plane won't have a lifting force.
AlecByte 14 시간 전
Well no, idiots. The plane will only take off if it has lift from the wind! And making the plane stay on the ground isn't going to work. Example: Let's say the conveyor is moving a 120kts. And the plane is also putting thrust and idling at 120kts. So now the plane is staying still. It will NOT take off. Why? Because there's nothing to lift that aircraft! Conclusion: The plane will not fly because there is no lift being generated from the wings. Sometimes I wonder how these people think of these incredibly stupid ideas.
andy5478 13 시간 전
You are incorrect. The plane engines pull it through the air. The wheels are there only to prevent the fuselages from contacting the ground. So long as the wheels can turn freely at speeds approaching infinity then it will fly. If the wheels can't turn freely then that may be a factor to keeping it on the ground but that isn't part of this theoretical exercise.