Welcome To The World
I Can’t Beat This
2 개월 전
What Really Happened
Hitting Rock Bottom
5 개월 전
We Can't Hide This Anymore!
We Will Never Recover
It's All OVER!!
Our BIG Reveal!!
She Had A BABY!!
I miss her so much.
This is Not Good...
Our Biggest one!!
Do You See It!!??
Almost Lost My Dog...
Would You Try This!!??
Our New House!!
2 년 전
Our Very Last Upload
This is so GROSS!!
The Real Truth...
This World Is Sick!!
I Love This So Much!!
I Made Her Day!!
The Big Question!!
My Worst Nightmare!!
PoPaLzz 8 시간 전
You guys should move out
SnowyZeus293 *
SnowyZeus293 * 8 시간 전
Any one 2021?
Jocelyn 8 시간 전
That’s so scary.hope you and your family are safe and sending prayers.
Trippedout Drop
Trippedout Drop 8 시간 전
Gerald Johnson
Gerald Johnson 8 시간 전
I feel bad
The Dystany OP
The Dystany OP 8 시간 전
Don't worry everything will be fine
Eric Mesick
Eric Mesick 8 시간 전
I'm so very sorry you guys had to go through that.
Simpgod 1313
Simpgod 1313 8 시간 전
Out of all the people they pick this family that only shows positivity
Brittany Fisher
Brittany Fisher 8 시간 전
Omg this is awful so sorry you guys had to deal with this people are crazy
Andre R Memories
Andre R Memories 8 시간 전
Sad what this world have come to and all of this is most probably due to the Smile More brand battle. Totally disgusting. If we cant win then ruin their life. Just hope all is sorted
Jacori Hubbard
Jacori Hubbard 8 시간 전
Love y’all so much y’all 💖💖💖💖💖💖💘💘💘💘😂❤️❤️💖
Jacori Hubbard
Jacori Hubbard 8 시간 전
I am soooooo glad y’all are good live all of y’all and prayers are y’all ready sent to y’all in the name of Jesus amen 🙏
Alvaro Guerra
Alvaro Guerra 8 시간 전
why not waste all the money time and resources to hire some really good detectives to resolve the case...(no am not talking about scooby doo type shit)
Tentoes 8 시간 전
Shocking! So they caught the guy?
Matthew Oliveira
Matthew Oliveira 8 시간 전
everyone in this comments are sheep
Jason Fick
Jason Fick 8 시간 전
stay strong
Leon Balidemaj
Leon Balidemaj 8 시간 전
Bring back your guns if u can and if they invade u can end it all bc we don’t want to see someone like you go💙
ZacharyBuhler 8 시간 전
Actual story starts at 3:55 you’re welcome. 👍🏼
tina lylegeorge
tina lylegeorge 8 시간 전
the baby is so cute I miss you guys but stay strong and stay safe please and smile more
TheRealHeathen 8 시간 전
They suck man! Just a man trying to protect his family, it’s a shame people would do these things. Stay safe
Dinkydoo 8 시간 전
"Like, literally", get to the point. You wanna put your life out there on KOpost, that's your choice. Don't know why your being harassed, you never got to that. But imagine being harassed by just being in your own skin. GTFOH.
Alexis Phetteplace
Alexis Phetteplace 8 시간 전
The way Brit looks at you🥺🥺 love you guys❤️
Maria Silbersack
Maria Silbersack 8 시간 전
So scary. I never would’ve been able to sleep.
Leon dunstan
Leon dunstan 8 시간 전
Missed you Roman!
Matthew Oliveira
Matthew Oliveira 8 시간 전
they needed a break from youtube and thought of an elaborate story for views and reason rather than they are having issues posting to youtube all the time. they don't even sound scarred they sound like they're telling a story they have thought of and making up as they go
jinx swiftt
jinx swiftt 8 시간 전
Do what you have to do. I hope whoever is doing this to you gets found out and gets what they deserve. Its truly sick.
Catherine Poirier
Catherine Poirier 8 시간 전
I can’t imagine how scary that was 🥺 These people are f***ed up...
Jaime Villalobos
Jaime Villalobos 8 시간 전
F stalkers
20 GOTY YESSIR 8 시간 전
I love you guys so much I feel so bad for you guys
Jah 8 시간 전
Who the fuck would dislike this video?
Matthew Oliveira
Matthew Oliveira 8 시간 전
they're lying lmaoooo
Matthew Oliveira
Matthew Oliveira 8 시간 전
they body language speaks volume
Sw Demerchant
Sw Demerchant 8 시간 전
This is something that you guys should not have to go though this I hope the person that done this to you guys get what they deserve stay say you 3 🙏🙏
Predator Gaming
Predator Gaming 8 시간 전
It’s good to hear that u guys are safe those types of people that are stalkers that u dealt with are scary again it’s good to hear u guys are feeling much more safe
Miss u
Michelle brey
Michelle brey 8 시간 전
No one should ever have to deal with what you guys have! Truly makes me sick! Sending love and prayers! ❤️ hope to see more of you all!
Alexis Phetteplace
Alexis Phetteplace 9 시간 전
I got goosebumps, this is so scary!
Christian #
Christian # 9 시간 전
So basically your getting blackmailed @RomanAtWood
Naeem 9 시간 전
This person or people most definitely work for the government. There's no way they find all this shit out or they stole important papers from your house.
Matthew Shaffer
Matthew Shaffer 9 시간 전
OMG. Hope it gets better....
CoolEpicYoutuber 9 시간 전
Can someone please tell me whats happening
Collin O'Leary
Collin O'Leary 9 시간 전
Hopefully you have firearms cause this is serious
Eric Clawson
Eric Clawson 9 시간 전
that s not right sry u and ur family went through this
chicken_popeye_ 9 시간 전
❤️❤️❤️Keep us updated please Roman make sure to stay safe and good luck i’ve been watching for many many years and I wish everything goes back to normal I wish the best amongst your family❤️❤️❤️
Koala Bear
Koala Bear 9 시간 전
We all thought it was a Smile More lawsuit or custody battle - but this stalker situation seems horrible!!!
Adan Reyes
Adan Reyes 9 시간 전
So ya left out the big question.... are they still out there have they been caught??
Kayla Wetsel
Kayla Wetsel 9 시간 전
This is horrible , I could literally feel their emotions and I could feel the anxiety. No one especially this family should have to endure this.. this family has been a big part in my life and I just can't imagine how sick someone has to be to treat a family of uplifting so poorly. I can just imagine Roman not sleeping checking every room making sure everyone was okay. I'm sorry guys.
Catherine Poirier
Catherine Poirier 9 시간 전
I can’t imagine how scary that was 🥺 These people are truly fu**ed up...
Hayden Trimnal
Hayden Trimnal 9 시간 전
Elizabeth Scott
Elizabeth Scott 9 시간 전
Grateful you guys have the courage, strength and wisdom to continue your joy.
Trance Gang
Trance Gang 9 시간 전
Glad you and your family are safe specially the kids love you guys 😍🥰😍🥰🥰
Ethan Bazz
Ethan Bazz 9 시간 전
Hey Roman here’s a easy answer to this go buy a gun
harsh diwan
harsh diwan 9 시간 전
where are ur kids
Fishing Life
Fishing Life 9 시간 전
your not just a family ur the legend of KOpost I grew up watching u and watching you all vanish was bad for me i was in pieces i couldn't hold myself together you guys were my whole life on youtube
Jo Rothwell
Jo Rothwell 9 시간 전
Kylie S
Kylie S 9 시간 전
this reminds me of a criminal minds episode to a T! Please please stay safe and do whatever you need to do to keep your family safe
Estera Sala
Estera Sala 9 시간 전
It’s been 3 years sinse I stopped watching him and I’m back ahah I love the way he keeps on going
Mia Martinez
Mia Martinez 9 시간 전
They don’t deserve this all they ever wanted to do was put smiles on our faces. 😔
Sue Kwisses -Organically Kwisses
Sue Kwisses -Organically Kwisses 9 시간 전
Sorry to hear y’all had to go through this. Very creepy and scary. Just know most people love y’all and appreciate your vlogs. Take care. Stay safe. ❌⭕️
James Ó regan
James Ó regan 9 시간 전
Stay strong she was a great woman
Jerry R
Jerry R 9 시간 전
Cool vlog on channel KOpost
Clary McCafferty
Clary McCafferty 9 시간 전
Stay safe ❤ this is so scary. I'll be thinking of your family!
Lewis Edens
Lewis Edens 9 시간 전
How did they get caught etc. major cliff hanger
Angela Whisnant
Angela Whisnant 9 시간 전
I’m so so sorry this is happening to y’all. You two are the best couple on KOpost and you don’t deserve this. Nobody deserves this. I have you and you beautiful family in my heart and in my prayers😘🥰❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Jake Tutert
Jake Tutert 9 시간 전
That’s so sickening, you guys are literally the most giving/humble family on KOpost.. how anyone can do such a thing is beyond me. Glad your family is safe! Looking forward to the daily vlogs again.
Will Godwin
Will Godwin 9 시간 전
I miss you so much I swear you haven’t post in like a year can you go back to doing dum and gum stuff
Byu Mali
Byu Mali 9 시간 전
So what actually happened?
Byu Mali
Byu Mali 9 시간 전
Rent due
Rainbow 9 시간 전
So you are saying Federal bureau of investigation (FBI) can't figure out who is behind this all?
jr Yates
jr Yates 9 시간 전
We are glad that you and your family are ok
Unsavy 9 시간 전
You were my childhood KOpostr thx for all the laughs bro ❤️ glad you’re back
Poiuuur 9 시간 전
samuel golden
samuel golden 9 시간 전
Glad everything worked out for y’all stay safe stay strong God Bless
de kirk
de kirk 9 시간 전
remember me guess not cry somewhere else bye scammers get a job
Joe Holloway
Joe Holloway 9 시간 전
Yay!!! I finally can have the best KOpost family back
xlTeerlx 9 시간 전
YOO omg I miss this channel so much I’m an og i started watching your vids like 3 years ago
Callum Daniel
Callum Daniel 9 시간 전
I get what your feeling man and it ain’t nice
Hanif Shaban
Hanif Shaban 9 시간 전
Hope you get better roman
Jamari Carroll
Jamari Carroll 9 시간 전
isaik fortin
isaik fortin 9 시간 전
It’s terrible that there are psychotic weirdos out there that do things like this to good people smh 🤦🏻‍♂️ it’s beyond comprehension
Daxton Mathews
Daxton Mathews 9 시간 전
why would people do this to the most positive and loving family on KOpost it makes no sense