White soldier charged with assault for shoving, berating Black man in viral video l GMA

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Good Morning America

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Active-duty soldier Jonathan Pentland has been charged with third-degree assault and battery after he was seen berating and shoving a Black man in Columbia, South Carolina.
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Margaret White
Margaret White 시간 전
He just don't want a black man near his wife he can't trust, I don't think black people think much about white people but it looks like they're always thinking about us. How many black people do you see messing with white none stay in the house
Charlie D
Charlie D 시간 전
It's staged
Krystal M
Krystal M 시간 전
Yes dishonorable discharge for being a racist
buiscut wheels
buiscut wheels 시간 전
I would like to see the entire video from start to finish.
Sarah MayWest
Sarah MayWest 시간 전
Carry him outta there??? Who's mans is this?
Tune 시간 전
Better watch out how you treat black people
Starboy Interlude
Starboy Interlude 시간 전
Americans be like:
Ducce 시간 전
Imagine what would have happened if she wasn't recording. Love for you my Queen👑
Sarah MayWest
Sarah MayWest 시간 전
What gives him the white to think his actions are warranted to police PUBLIC SIDEWAYS?
Joseph b.
Joseph b. 시간 전
next a white man is gonna get charged for assault for just looking at a black person the wrong way or just flat out disagreeing
Awesomesause 111
Awesomesause 111 시간 전
Dude is literally pushing him and violating and screaming get out of my way 😂😂
Krystal M
Krystal M 시간 전
His wife is also to blame she didn’t do nothing
han jolo
han jolo 시간 전
Here goes the media again learn what happened before reporting!!!!!!!I don't live far from where this happened. I'm sure there some ring cameras around.
Aisha Ellis
Aisha Ellis 시간 전
These charges ain’t sht but charge his wife too...
Apex 8
Apex 8 시간 전
Karma is a bitch
Krystal M
Krystal M 시간 전
He needs to be kicked out from the military not honorable
Dallas Smith
Dallas Smith 시간 전
I wonder what happened before they started recording???
Josh Ellison
Josh Ellison 시간 전
1:57 there are two black women walking in the background. What's with not confronting them? Yea we don't know what led up to this, but I would say it would be kind of funny to send Francis Ngannou to this neighborhood and see this guy maybe get in someones face that's his own size? Send Ngannou to his house... and don't penalize Ngannou for what happens... That would be a better punishment than $500 for this hick.
Edmund Turner
Edmund Turner 시간 전
Its all over SC, there's lots to be looked at in SC ,need to investigate compensation for black vets !
Joel Slater
Joel Slater 시간 전
Remember people mental health checks are not mandatory for active duty soldiers and police officers here in America!
Rogelio Vasquez
Rogelio Vasquez 시간 전
We need Jesus Christ, for we are nothing nor can we do anything without Him :(
Phillip Armentrout
Phillip Armentrout 시간 전
Ok now show all the world star videos and other videos of black people knocking out whites,asians and anyone else. Women with there children getting knocked out via the knock out game etc..yet a white guy who happens to be a soldier who can defend himself shows a little of that aggression that black people use to intimidate others then its a whole different ball game and just more white supremacy. If it was a black guy was standing there doing that it wouldn't be news and mainstream news wouldn't cover it.
Apex 8
Apex 8 시간 전
GMA is disgusting. Black VS White 🖕 Other incidents in the area, by same person AND what happened prior to the video? Keep pushing the propaganda And the hero(?) chick 😂 talking about ‘them’ yet another disgusting version of separation. People have no clue what this is doing to the psyche of humans around us, let alone what other countries are laughing about. #STOPPROPAGANDA
Pete Perez
Pete Perez 시간 전
the media will blow this confrontation up but won’t report all the asians getting their heads stomped on by black people the last few weeks.
Jacque Trosper
Jacque Trosper 시간 전
joe dean
joe dean 시간 전
And Of course there was a cell phone camera handy to record this fake scripted event
Kay 시간 전
Your the news, investigate and then report the whole story.
R Yohn
R Yohn 시간 전
He better be put in population with tons of non white men who are in a mood for white man ass!
A man has no name
A man has no name 시간 전
I wonder what happens if white person walks through the south side of Chicago. What makes this situation about race anyway? The alleged victim was probably acting like a little punk.
Rokkman3 시간 전
Good. Get rid of that soldier. We don’t need racists in our military.
Chuck E. Cheese
Chuck E. Cheese 시간 전
The thing is, dude lived in the neighborhood. It’s like you can’t go anywhere if you’re any other color than white, without harassment. 🤦‍♂️
Jesse Frazier
Jesse Frazier 시간 전
Like we need more of your so called “awesome” videos. Black chick worried he was gonna be another hash tag. Now BLM is violating his property. Where are the cops to arrest them. You come on my property threatening me and mine you won’t like the outcome
Raymond Curry Jr
Raymond Curry Jr 시간 전
Why are people like him so bothered..
Comrade Biden
Comrade Biden 시간 전
Lol military guy acting like all the police do. That’s where they go after their tours. See that 13 year old gunned down by the Iraq vet
Joe Murray
Joe Murray 시간 전
Don't believe everything the media tells you. The media is the most powerful corrupt entity on Earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and make the guilty innocent because they control the minds of the masses.
Beeg Asian
Beeg Asian 시간 전
Wow.....what a fucking idiot.....
tina caudell
tina caudell 시간 전
You can be sure there is more to this story than our free vomit press reported.Barrysayit
Chelsea Jordan
Chelsea Jordan 시간 전
Go to hell with that 30 days and 500 slap on the wrist ugh
Joseph Monahan
Joseph Monahan 시간 전
O thats rite the.crooked fake.ass news wont show any of that
Sailor Moon
Sailor Moon 시간 전
That black kid was trying to steal probably in the past
Patrick Slater
Patrick Slater 시간 전
It's the selected editing that's broadcasted that pushes the narrative. Yall know what you're doing.
BlazeGamer100 시간 전
Racism is ok huh? Being violent for no reason and putting your hands on someone just being of the skin color is ok huh?
Oluwadamilola Sowemimo
Oluwadamilola Sowemimo 시간 전
If these events didn't happen in the first place, they wouldn't have to report it anyways.
R Yohn
R Yohn 시간 전
Get whitey!
Joseph Monahan
Joseph Monahan 시간 전
Pppppllllleease what happen before that.i wonder
Keke Clo
Keke Clo 시간 전
Bet he had too much to drink probably went all night til morning hence the sunrise. Then woke up and didn’t even remember he did this. 😂🤣😂🤣 He was on autopilot he can’t even argue he just yelled and repeated himself. 😂🤣😂🤣 The army will more than likely slap him on the wrist and push him out with his severance and benefits.
Keke Clo
Keke Clo 시간 전
Aaaaaaand That’s a typical army wife, fukn privileged Karen’s. 😒🤮🤢
Kenneth 시간 전
Stick N’ Move. Stick N’ Move‼️ I would’ve lost all of my shits because don’t touch me PERIOD IDC how big you are...behind them Muscles he a Lil Pu$$Y‼️He got muscles so he could build enough confidence to do this Try him at heavyweight.
Andrew M
Andrew M 시간 전
I wanna know what the kid did before.
Ro Su
Ro Su 시간 전
Dirty repub nazi tump trash
D B 시간 전
I love to see both sides of this...two side of each story. This comment section is nut
Joseph Monahan
Joseph Monahan 시간 전
O but its ok blm goes and disturbs white people who are just sitting.there eating dinner or just a nite out. Blm taking food off the table hollaring screaming at them but thats all ok
Kelly Spoto
Kelly Spoto 시간 전
I'd like to hear the whole story.
BlazeGamer100 시간 전
Racism is ok huh? Being violent for no reason and putting your hands on someone just being of the skin color is ok huh?
Roman Reings
Roman Reings 시간 전
Iam Indian
Etsy JakesRockHouse
Etsy JakesRockHouse 시간 전
Just remember there are always 2 sides to a story. Something could have been done to provoke the soldier
Raddave Brown
Raddave Brown 시간 전
No to racism u stupid bitch
BlazeGamer100 시간 전
Notice how the soldier never says what the black dude did
Raddave Brown
Raddave Brown 시간 전
Shut the fuck up
aiden christie
aiden christie 시간 전
I just want to know how it started
Can I get a beer?
Can I get a beer? 시간 전
What a dick 😡
allgoode 시간 전
Always a race thing
iRateMusic 시간 전
Why South Africa is still so segregated?
Joseph Monahan
Joseph Monahan 시간 전
What a.joke
Bob Bandy
Bob Bandy 시간 전
He needs a dishonorable discharge immediately what are you citizens thinking about that's why he needs dishonorable discharge and take his guns away this guy's a danger to society he's a ticking Time Bomb waiting to snap on anybody because he's a US Soldier and he's right like our government yeah why did Joe this guy needs to be thrown out immediately
Joseph Monahan
Joseph Monahan 시간 전
Its all.trumps fault
Jonny Appleseed
Jonny Appleseed 시간 전
You’re not release his name because he probably has a rap sheet a mile long
Feltal 시간 전
This is not news.
Joseph Monahan
Joseph Monahan 시간 전
They gonna blame it on trump
Kyle Hann
Kyle Hann 시간 전
CLEARLY KNEW HE WAS BEING FILMED was asked to leave MULTIPLE TIMES ...this bald guy defends our country!!!!!!!he deserves some space you people don’t know what goes on there. Fuck that skinny dude for being a arrogant assehole. Bet he’s jobless
Rheki 시간 전
Bet you do meth
Joey Medina
Joey Medina 시간 전
So white guy shoved a black guy and told him not to talk to his wife and that’s assault? This is ridiculous this is just dividing people and if anything this type of false coverage will create actual racists.
Ghullam Shabbir
Ghullam Shabbir 시간 전
Racist ppl needs help for real 😳. We all bleed the same. Boycott racism
Penis Butthole
Penis Butthole 시간 전
stop monetizing this shit
Jesse Frazier
Jesse Frazier 시간 전
More race baiting.
Jonny Appleseed
Jonny Appleseed 시간 전
It was the other way around you would be singing a different tune.
Sperce 시간 전
Bro this is fake a guarantee it
H2o Echo
H2o Echo 시간 전
RACEBAITING at it's finest. Proof GMA want America to burn.
Dakota Byer
Dakota Byer 시간 전
Wow only $500 fine and 30 days?? 29 of them days will be suspended most likely! That’s some bull shit! They would’ve locked a black man up the instant this would’ve happened!
Rocky C
Rocky C 시간 전
Why did no one intervene? Instead of filming and watching?? Wtf!?
Asher 0
Asher 0 시간 전
This isn't the right way to handle someone you don't recognize walking through your neighborhood. However , I would also like to point out that if I walked around the deep projects where I don't know anyone and stick out I wouldn't get a very friendly welcome.
Te'Ara Proctor
Te'Ara Proctor 시간 전
I wonder why
Six !
Six ! 시간 전
I hate how race is in every title nowadays
Jonny Appleseed
Jonny Appleseed 시간 전
OK so the dude committed a class C misdemeanor and that’s national news that’s fucking bullshit
احمد احمد
احمد احمد 시간 전
U SL 시간 전
Good thing this lady was recording
Jason Katro
Jason Katro 시간 전
The soldier is a punk
Carlo Alvarez
Carlo Alvarez 시간 전
All the time these are the worst kind too! Mr.Karen bet ya kids are proud of you!!!
Zohn Jimmerman
Zohn Jimmerman 시간 전
The guy looks like my wife's yoga instructor
Jonny Appleseed
Jonny Appleseed 시간 전
Yeah he just went there and picked up the guy cause he was black yeah right
Joel Mathew
Joel Mathew 시간 전
White fag please kys if any fags like him are reading this get that gun that u have and kill yourself u Fucking cracker bitches
Noah Segovia
Noah Segovia 시간 전
I thought that was joe Rogan for a sec
Michael Wright
Michael Wright 시간 전
Holy crap, if my child grows up to be as stupid as any of these people in the comments who think this story is the whole truth, I would be ashamed and have failed as a father. The reporter literally says they have absolutely zero idea what happened before hand. NEWS IS A JOKE.
Pelican74 시간 전
Send him to jail
Jonny Appleseed
Jonny Appleseed 시간 전
If a white kid went through a black neighborhood and got beat to death Do you think that would make the news I doubt it
Ted McCanna
Ted McCanna 시간 전
Not allowed to kick criminals out of your neighborhood before they hurt somebody, I guess your supposed to give him all the opportunities he wants to commit a crime.
Hansome Solo
Hansome Solo 시간 전
Good job sheriff! 👏🏼
Trey Point898
Trey Point898 시간 전
In da hood white man woulda got his ahh 187 folk ain't playin like dat bruh
Kim Taylor
Kim Taylor 시간 전
The woman who I assume is the man's wife saying that the cops were coming and "hang on a little longer, let's see how that goes" sounds like a threat of white privledge. I'm curious if he will be disciplined by the service.
Jonny Appleseed
Jonny Appleseed 시간 전
That’s what you call news
FatThor Malone
FatThor Malone 시간 전
They need to arrest that rabble trashing an Americans home in broad daylight instead of filming it like we film everystupidthing now
Jorge Ramirez
Jorge Ramirez 시간 전
Let talk about how a 13 year old latino child was just assassinated by a Chicago police officer.
Lovelydread618 시간 전
Ah yes, main stream media at it's finest. (The reason why I don't watch any news)
D Briley
D Briley 시간 전
Watch the video again and listen to what everyone says
PhazeBeast 시간 전
Very distgusting excuse of a human being...... these people are just ignorant. The poor man was just walking peacefully.
King CSG
King CSG 시간 전
Alternate title: Dollar store Johnny Sins and Wife was on the wrong vid now he gets what he deserves
Karma Police
Karma Police 시간 전
Steve Wilkos needs to chill.
Ryan O'Malley
Ryan O'Malley 시간 전
There were 2 other instances in that neighborhood that involved the young man? So there's a history and more context to the story and we are only seeing 20 seconds of a video just so good morning American can dump fuel on the dumpster fire. Context matters, I want to know what led up to this.
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