Highlights Valencia CF vs Villarreal CF (2-1)

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LaLiga Santander

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Valencia CF comeback against Villarreal CF in the regional derby thanks to goals from Carlos Soler from the penalty spot and Guedes in the last minutes of the match #ValenciaVillarreal Matchday 26 LaLiga Santander 2020/2021
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Manuel Pulli
Manuel Pulli 12 일 전
Puissance valence
Vicente Graner Lozano
Vicente Graner Lozano 개월 전
Lo mejor, Cillesen y el resultado. Hay que seguir construyendo el equipo que Peter Lim y Anil Murthy desmontaron con sus caprichos.
Thành Shin
Thành Shin 개월 전
Vietnamese player Quang Hai vs Doan Van Hau 😇😇😇
Victor Rocher
Victor Rocher 개월 전
Congratulations bats 🦇♥️VCF
Ukrainianwarrior 개월 전
Динамо Киев - чемпион!!!
Ron S
Ron S 개월 전
Happy that Villarreal lost cause it helps my Sevilla but I really like this team - so talented with a great coach. Hopefully they’ll pass Betis...
el negro
el negro 개월 전
Valencia casa putas
ataladin 87
ataladin 87 개월 전
Valencia getting revenge this team. Too bad I missed it.
RC 28
RC 28 개월 전
Fajny meczyk moim zdaniem.
Chiqui99 개월 전
No se qué piensan los árbitros en el var, porque el primer penalti no lo es segun la cámara, puesto que se ve como toca el jugador del Villarreal al del Valencia desequilibrandolo y haciendo que el balon le de en la mano
Chiqui99 개월 전
0:04 "Castilla Real" buena esa
Arroz Doce
Arroz Doce 개월 전
Xiiiiiiuuuuuuuuuu...... Gonçalo Guedes 🔥
pistache miel
pistache miel 개월 전
Visca Valencia fc desde francia .
Diego Martin
Diego Martin 개월 전
3 points for Cillesen
Токсик нездорового человека
Токсик нездорового человека 개월 전
Евгений Олейник
Евгений Олейник 개월 전
Rionツ 개월 전
Mijatovic the legend of valencia 🖤🧡
Bas B
Bas B 개월 전
Great match by Cillessen!
Jakub Sadowski
Jakub Sadowski 개월 전
Dzięki .
Ал Аь
Ал Аь 개월 전
Варатар Валенция 🔥🔥🔥👍☄☄☄☄
花形満 개월 전
To ReĐa
To ReĐa 개월 전
[] *FT [] Sevilla 0 - 2 Barça* Ousmane Dembélé (29’) ⚽️ Lionel Messi (85’) ⚽️
ataladin 87
ataladin 87 개월 전
Oh *shut up* man, no one cares. That was a week ago.
Munir VCF
Munir VCF 개월 전
Amunt Valencia 🖤🧡🦇 para siempre somos numbero uno de nuestro Comunidad . Amunt Valencia y nada mas
刺身 개월 전
バレンシアから主力2人も引き抜きしてこのザマよ もうエメリは解任だろうな
hoang cuong nguyen
hoang cuong nguyen 개월 전
love valencia
Quintilla Gilugi
Quintilla Gilugi 개월 전
Puta Real Madrid Amunt Valencia!
ASG 개월 전
Why did Villarreal hire Emery? He's terrible.
ASG 개월 전
@Eduard Emanuel Prindii I get that. But he went a whole league season with Sevilla once without winning a single away game. That's simply down to sub-par coaching.
Eduard Emanuel Prindii
Eduard Emanuel Prindii 개월 전
@ASG sometimes a coach puts more effort in winning important matches in one specific competition, leaving the other competitions more at chance... Emery put a lot of effort in the Europa League competition with Sevilla
ASG 개월 전
@ataladin 87 His relatively average league campaigns for Sevilla and Arsenal (and the problems in his last season at Valencia) are obviously more applicable than managing PSG in France, because of their budget compared to the rest. But yeah in 2 seasons at PSG, he won the league once. In his first season as PSG manager, they didn't win the league. The first time in 5 seasons for that to occur. Not a coincidence.
ataladin 87
ataladin 87 개월 전
@ASG you forgot that Emery was also at Paris.
ASG 개월 전
@ataladin 87 What?
وليد خالد
وليد خالد 개월 전
أمونت فالنسيا
Pribadi Badi
Pribadi Badi 개월 전
Amunt Valencia
CooManTunes 개월 전
Guedes goal is probably the best goal, in the history of this match.
CooManTunes 개월 전
Valenthia ALMOST lost.
Isaac Fung 馮皓朗
Isaac Fung 馮皓朗 개월 전
What a bad ebenin for Unai Emery
Kronos TV
Kronos TV 개월 전
Hankle Sacks
Hankle Sacks 개월 전
Bad ebening
una nueva era 86
una nueva era 86 개월 전
Amunt valencia
Daniel Fuentes
Daniel Fuentes 개월 전
What a Valencia epic win 😱
Thành Nam
Thành Nam 개월 전
Villarreal unlucky 😖😖😖
Gabriel Silva
Gabriel Silva 개월 전
Avante Valencia
Adrià Granell Naval
Adrià Granell Naval 개월 전
Tosca Tesla
Tosca Tesla 개월 전
Амунт Валенсія!
Raouf Fawzy
Raouf Fawzy 개월 전
great in english
Giovany Sánchez
Giovany Sánchez 개월 전
Ahora en inglés? No se pasen de pendejos
فالنسيا وكفى
فالنسيا وكفى 개월 전
Amunt valencia for ever From iraq 🦇
Juan Martinez
Juan Martinez 개월 전
Ruben Garcia
Ruben Garcia 개월 전
Amunt !!🦇
Maki Ze
Maki Ze 개월 전
What a finish by Valencia 🔥
Piter Muhailus
Piter Muhailus 개월 전
Тепер черга Динамо перемагати.😎
Elias Hernandez
Elias Hernandez 개월 전
Bébe justin
Bébe justin 개월 전
The best match of valencia
Tosca Tesla
Tosca Tesla 개월 전
No... Bro, the best w8 us in future! Amunt!💪
Brazilian Football Insider
Brazilian Football Insider 개월 전
Valencia never lose that brave spirit, That's why I love that team!!
Tosca Tesla
Tosca Tesla 개월 전
100k kisses for u my Brother. I've be 2young to luv ziz Bats. And ... Whatever it is.... Amunt!💪
Nashaun Matthews
Nashaun Matthews 개월 전
Laliga Can I Join The Youth Team Please Any Team In Laliga I'm begging You Guys 🙏😀🏟⚽🏆
Good Life
Good Life 개월 전
Да и ты тоже монгол
Piter Muhailus
Piter Muhailus 개월 전
Україна. Ждем перемоги динамо. !!!
Álvaro Pastor
Álvaro Pastor 개월 전
El futbol hizo justicia
Jack 개월 전
Shit var shit league
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