Playing an RPG for the second time

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Joel Haver

Joel Haver

5 일 전

Adventure awaits again.
The third installment of the RPG series -
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Joel Haver
Joel Haver 4 일 전
This is by far my most involved animation yet, I’m so happy to see everyone enjoying. Big thanks to Trent for making it with me and keeping me company over discord over long hours of animating. I’m realizing now that people might see this before the first two, so here’s the whole series in one convenient playlist -
Buster_Brownie 시간 전
Please don't stop making these. They're hilarious and very well made! Thank you for the smiles 😃
Jonathan C
Jonathan C 시간 전
This is not a joke, this trilogy was actually exceptionally moving. It has taught me to take more consideration in my actions, instead of yanking on the reigns too hard or just letting things pass. I’m serious dude, this series is killer. If you ever need a hand with audio work ever, I’d be happy to help.
Neophobic Nyctophile
Neophobic Nyctophile 8 시간 전
The replay value of this game is AMAZING! I hope this doesn't mean this series is over, I love every frame of it!
Seth Honaker
Seth Honaker 9 시간 전
"Oh, by the gods" "The suffering oh!"
friedkangaroo 10 시간 전
@MrVelaskes201 thought it looked familiar thx
The_UnwantedReaper 32 분 전
"A health bar does not show who is an enemy to you, it shows who is an enemy to themselves" - Wise Old Man
cybroxis 42 분 전
Honest question: How do you make these every week? Are you some kind of animation god or do you have, like, some kinda crazy supernatural ability?
atNIC.E 45 분 전
You are important and you have value
Wiatt C
Wiatt C 48 분 전
The use of the Oblivion music here is much better than it ever was in the original game. You're really showing its brilliance here.
Mikel 54 분 전
Can I just say how much I love your animation style.
Son of Sanguinius
Son of Sanguinius 54 분 전
Hmm personally think you should have ended the video on a cliffhanger where he was about to fight marshall to make things more intense xd
Coriantumr Pace
Coriantumr Pace 59 분 전
and it comes full circle. This might be one of the best animated youtube series since Dudes of Hazmat
Duck Feces
Duck Feces 59 분 전
unexpectedly..... wholesome huzzah ( ? )
Rockerpepper 시간 전
I'm happy for him
Buster_Brownie 시간 전
Absolute masterpiece.
Lugzi 시간 전
Hamsandwich Solo
Hamsandwich Solo 시간 전
Nooo, I hope this isn’t the last one. Please. I live for these.
Wiley M
Wiley M 시간 전
Great work!
Michael Pothier
Michael Pothier 시간 전
Man, a game with A.I. this good, I would keep playing, and take the role of an all knowing seer. Every playthough would make me more and power powerful.
Sea King
Sea King 시간 전
2:34 is that a mouse loading thing in the bottom of the video
BlazingFury 시간 전
Marshall’s gun is super cute ngl
Mr. J Bull
Mr. J Bull 시간 전
K Asb
K Asb 2 시간 전
Joshua Russell
Joshua Russell 2 시간 전
Guys, Marshal is evil now: HE HAS A GUN!!!
Conor Fennell
Conor Fennell 2 시간 전
Give us more!!!!!!
Garrett C.
Garrett C. 2 시간 전
The one that ties it all together.
Botchkiy 2 시간 전
My worst dmt trip by far. Edit: Best*
Ribbons0121 R121
Ribbons0121 R121 2 시간 전
"marshall has no moral compass, he is a rat" speaks volumes
xori aliro
xori aliro 3 시간 전
AAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaAAAhhhH, you are important and you have value just saying
Alejandro Abellas-Seitz
Alejandro Abellas-Seitz 3 시간 전
𝓣𝓲𝓷𝔂 𝓖𝓵𝓸𝓬𝓴
Kwiedsch 3 시간 전
More Ehen?
Benboi 3 시간 전
This is the best anime of the season
boi 3 시간 전
New Game+ be like:
Grayson DuBose
Grayson DuBose 3 시간 전
this is like witcher one and two The world changes regardless of the decisions you make for no reason
Hunter Koontz
Hunter Koontz 3 시간 전
This is already better than every isekai anime
David Ridley
David Ridley 3 시간 전
Eladar Aumar
Eladar Aumar 4 시간 전
Someone start a kickstarter to fund an actual RPG game of this.
nothing yet
nothing yet 4 시간 전
*h a z a h*
mari feliz
mari feliz 4 시간 전
I believe this series can hit the world
Parker Notman
Parker Notman 4 시간 전
The happy ending
[Defunct Spunk]
[Defunct Spunk] 4 시간 전
Joel, I love this series. The rotoscope is charming and the story is funny yet touching. I wouldn't say it's perfect, but nothing ever is.
I Fucking Love You
Jam Boy
Jam Boy 4 시간 전
That was really nice
ReallyShatter 4 시간 전
This makes me happy. You make me happy. Take your time when you make more of these. Keep the quality.
Acciaiouomo 4 시간 전
This made me happy
JAY 1 4 시간 전
Why is this true tho
Chris F
Chris F 4 시간 전
I'm actually glad this story had a happy ending :)
Eric x
Eric x 4 시간 전
What an interesting and unique art style
Slap Hed
Slap Hed 5 시간 전
Plot twist: rats do infact have a kind of moral compass
Braxton Halpin
Braxton Halpin 5 시간 전
Pack Mentality Media
Pack Mentality Media 5 시간 전
This is one of the best things I've seen in ages. I love this short series.
Adam Erebus
Adam Erebus 5 시간 전
You do this everyday? Get it cuz it's a bot Lol
Phantom 壊せ
Phantom 壊せ 5 시간 전
That ending was so wholesome.
TankMunky 5 시간 전
Old Man: "A health bar does not show who's an enemy to you, it shows who's an enemy to themselves..." Adventurer (Jacob): "Wha.." *Looks up to see a health bar* *Looks back down, on the verge of tears* Adventurer (Jacob): "Oh, fuck..."
Maksym Cazymir
Maksym Cazymir 5 시간 전
Man the Oblivion music is right on the spot
Matthew Lee
Matthew Lee 5 시간 전
2:06 I'm glad he remembered to invest in charisma this time around. Classic rookie mistake even if you're not going for a more peaceful run.
Dark Knigkx
Dark Knigkx 5 시간 전
SuperGamersGames 5 시간 전
Okay, this was an unexpected sequel, but a welcome one.
Itsallover57 5 시간 전
Your art is unspeakably unsettling
MysticFate 5 시간 전
I don't know what the hell i just watched... but i feel like i should have been high for it
Lebensmüde 5 시간 전
My mans got a serious gift for comedy... i didnt think the rpg short would become a trilogy Edit: and a trilogy that kept getting better each episode
G14NTBoi. 5 시간 전
The rats from halo were the antagonists all along
TooLateTo TheStory
TooLateTo TheStory 5 시간 전
Art. Better writing than most movies these days.
Rohunt 6 시간 전
I really needed this.. It should've had made me cry or calm my soul as much as it did, but it did. Your work is beautiful.. Thank you. So wholesome. So great. Keep it up.
Gunner Gilson
Gunner Gilson 6 시간 전
Vindictive Design
Vindictive Design 6 시간 전
3:10 - 3:16 Legendary
akini dingus
akini dingus 6 시간 전
This was made so well
Daltoniusz 6 시간 전
StylishClover 79
StylishClover 79 6 시간 전
This should be a set of movies
Anomal 6 시간 전
I feel like this would actually make a great game. Kinda like a Stanley Parable mixed with undertale. Everything is based on the player’s decision but each play through some details change based on your previous games. I’d play the fuck out of that
Michel Witzik
Michel Witzik 6 시간 전
You sound like a Mix of rufus and chieftain orm from norsemen
Randy Johnson
Randy Johnson 6 시간 전
are these rotoscoped?
Fat Depressed Cat
Fat Depressed Cat 6 시간 전
"I wasn't even that corrupt!" Honestly for a medieval king that's pretty good.
R D 6 시간 전
I hope you guys get picked up by something like adult swim. You be perfect on there.
muther1997 7 시간 전
Im so fuckin glad i knew the context to this
hairypotter1234 7 시간 전
Ngl i cri
Synxin 7 시간 전
The Maskott
The Maskott 7 시간 전
I didn't know that Laurence The Rat was Tony Lazuto all along.
PermaFrostX 7 시간 전
No idea what this idea but I see rats with gun
DerKaiser 7 시간 전
This video is so holesome, love it, watched it twice even! :D
Radioplayer1997 7 시간 전
Elder scrolls 6 Marshal mission pls thanks @bethesa
Edward Grant
Edward Grant 7 시간 전
Hilarious I love it!!
medexamtoolsdotcom 7 시간 전
Why did that giant shell casing get ejected from that tiny tiny gun?
Nonyo 7 시간 전
Dude this was genious
SupaHerby2020TV 7 시간 전
Since the first episode of this Fucking genius!
Nicolinhas 7 시간 전
the good ending
86shmorey 7 시간 전
I liked this too much 😆 I went to Kroger today and couldn't stop doing the voice of the old man saying oh by the gods
Trent Lenkarski
Trent Lenkarski 시간 전
Nice hahaha, one of my favorite lines
Rabail Majeed
Rabail Majeed 8 시간 전
Adam driver the giant?
LostMage 2D
LostMage 2D 8 시간 전
Yo anybody want some water?
Leonel Soto
Leonel Soto 8 시간 전
This is glorious
MrBlue Gaming
MrBlue Gaming 8 시간 전
Loved this wee series
Nandysokar 8 시간 전
what did I just watch?
Silver_Ws 8 시간 전
Update: I’m still watching this
Skunkle McDunkle
Skunkle McDunkle 8 시간 전
Now this is the legendary youtube content I need xx
HGV Gaming
HGV Gaming 8 시간 전
Im getting a Ralph Bakshi Vibe from this. Reminds me of his version of lord of the rings. I love it!
Maurizio Oiziruam
Maurizio Oiziruam 8 시간 전
How is this made? Some kind of deefake replicating real face motions into a still picture?
Algirdas Šilobritas
Algirdas Šilobritas 8 시간 전
This is pure art.
STICKMAN99100 8 시간 전
the king's scene is the BEST
Bonny Junior
Bonny Junior 8 시간 전
i love how the updates were just there to mind fuck with him.
Mr Indigo
Mr Indigo 8 시간 전
A happy ending
Fred E
Fred E 8 시간 전
This was very cathartic
Blayze 9 시간 전
> When it doesn't matter what option you pick in a game, because every option is wrong.
Sane DerpyGoat
Sane DerpyGoat 9 시간 전
Little did we know this was actually a 3d undertale
Mariano Gigahertz
Mariano Gigahertz 9 시간 전
This is absolutely amazing. We just need someone to make the subtitles of the entire series
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