[ENG│선공개] 리사(LISA)의 ⚡️업그레이드된 태국 춤 = '게 춤'♪ (point. 무표정😶) 아는 형님(Knowing bros) 251회

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아는형님 Knowingbros

아는형님 Knowingbros

6 일 전

[선공개] 리사의 ⚡️업그레이드된 태국 춤 = '게 춤'♪ (point. 무표정😶)
#아는형님 #블랙핑크 #리사

angels BTS
angels BTS 4 시간 전
Otome 4 시간 전
O jeito que a Lisa acaba com o meu psicológico é diferente
Gita Jimbund ok k
Gita Jimbund ok k 4 시간 전
Damn i love lisa
Faria Liza
Faria Liza 4 시간 전
Whatever Lisa does. Me: come on my baby is more perfect than perfectionist..
sweet 76
sweet 76 5 시간 전
I love her 😂 so cute ❤😂
Mandunini Kim
Mandunini Kim 5 시간 전
Lisa is so funny haha
L Love
L Love 5 시간 전
Lalisa viral Manoban..
Daisy Meza
Daisy Meza 5 시간 전
Did anyone else see her lips 😳 on ta part ? Or is just me 🧐 at 0:50 to 0:54 just realized
gaming account
gaming account 5 시간 전
i am sure Lee Soo Geun really liked the crab dance from my knowledge of Knowing bros Soo Geun really like this kind of dance. As expected of LaLisa Manoban she always makes dances funny and impactful for the viewers. BlackPink is Like a league of masters of different talent that's why no one can surpass them not even BTS (proof in views of their best MV each group)
Devina army
Devina army 5 시간 전
Lisa so amazing😅😂😂
bjww mnss
bjww mnss 5 시간 전
Jcbc Hogt
Jcbc Hogt 5 시간 전
This drama name? ( crab dance)
chocolate milk
chocolate milk 5 시간 전
OMG Lisa hahaha
Juliana Rivera
Juliana Rivera 5 시간 전
Lisa I loved the "City Girls" dance!
Tomtam Bur
Tomtam Bur 5 시간 전
I like so much looks cute 😍
BTS Army Love K-pop
BTS Army Love K-pop 5 시간 전
Is this new?
ACR on
ACR on 5 시간 전
Arely Reséndiz
Arely Reséndiz 5 시간 전
The name of the song?
Nina Thongrivong
Nina Thongrivong 5 시간 전
Oliver Nguyen
Oliver Nguyen 5 시간 전
0:52 I'm hoping she didn't say what i was thinking...
Stan Treasure
Stan Treasure 5 시간 전
ศิริ มึนซ์
ศิริ มึนซ์ 5 시간 전
ถ้าเด็กแถวบ้านก็โดนมองแรงอยู่นะ ดีอะ สร้างค่านิยมใหม่
Lada Kim
Lada Kim 5 시간 전
i need tutorial from Lisa on crab dance!
Nazila Fonna
Nazila Fonna 5 시간 전
kopost.info/home/pqdxlpqIqprJ1Hk/bidio lisa😍😍😍
Nur Atiqah Binti Abdul Kadir
Nur Atiqah Binti Abdul Kadir 5 시간 전
Thank you knowing brothers treating our girls so well and they look so happy 😍
Amira Larbi
Amira Larbi 5 시간 전
Wasnt this song super offensive towards dark skin thai girls?
chxtchxirito 5 시간 전
3Day 13M OMG
najeongmosajimidachaetzu 5 시간 전
Jennie is just dying here the whole time xd
xx viii
xx viii 5 시간 전
e-pi in thai language is mean pussy it’s not funny 😓😓
xx viii
xx viii 4 시간 전
@pure blood princess ‘cause the world doesn’t know about this slang and real meaning of this song
pure blood princess
pure blood princess 5 시간 전
asians are so dramatic crying over a song meanwhile the rest of the world is dancing wap
xx viii
xx viii 5 시간 전
태국어로 잇삐는 여자의 음부입니다. 노잼. 😓😓
Let It Go
Let It Go 5 시간 전
Türk yok mu yaw
Forget it
Forget it 5 시간 전
aidee 5 시간 전
What is the name of the second song?
BenjaMoon 5 시간 전
This is the song, I am right??? kopost.info/home/z25_pZKmqqSstnU/bidio&ab_channel=TikTokH%C3%A0nQu%E1%BB%91cTikTokH%C3%A0nQu%E1%BB%91c
It's 가라
It's 가라 5 시간 전
1:25 bisa bisanya lisa unnie ga ketawa woi😢😢😂😂BENGEK😂
張小琪 5 시간 전
So Q
beshra _kim
beshra _kim 5 시간 전
무념 무상
Paloma Pahuara
Paloma Pahuara 5 시간 전
No sé que dijeron, pero igual me reí xd
Tingkan Intania
Tingkan Intania 5 시간 전
13M woah💯🔥
Ryan Show
Ryan Show 5 시간 전
Suprice 😎👆👇👇👇 kopost.info/home/sqSa2dphetvInas/bidio
Tatianna Babers
Tatianna Babers 5 시간 전
Teacher: "why are you laughing during a test what's so funny" Me: "nothing" My brain during the test: 1:28
Thunya .a
Thunya .a 5 시간 전
愛麗 6 시간 전
Lisa is the coolest
HueningMa 6 시간 전
She said the n word chill?
Ishita 6 시간 전
Now the original song is famous.
Johnlloyd Viola
Johnlloyd Viola 6 시간 전
Trending in many Countries i Call this an International Dance.
Еңлік Мұқади
Еңлік Мұқади 6 시간 전
Mundo de Valentina Valdez Pino
Mundo de Valentina Valdez Pino 6 시간 전
Jajajjajaja Lisa
LoL 4046
LoL 4046 6 시간 전
ههههههههههههههه ههههههههههههههه
If you think life is hard Try being a multistan
If you think life is hard Try being a multistan 6 시간 전
The fact that everyone is still hating on her for trending🤣🤣🤣
cixy motovlog
cixy motovlog 6 시간 전
Lisa jodohku yg tertukar
Makarand pawar
Makarand pawar 6 시간 전
Song name plz 😂😂😂
Thoon Yati Oo
Thoon Yati Oo 6 시간 전
Kim Jinyeon
Kim Jinyeon 6 시간 전
actually that dance look weird for me but when lisa do it...it look so fun and idk but i love it 😭
Makarand pawar
Makarand pawar 6 시간 전
Same 😭
Juan RIDDER 6 시간 전
Judul lagunya apa sih bro
Blink Army
Blink Army 6 시간 전
I have lost counts of how many times I have watched it.....But it’s never enough 😆😆😆🤣🤣
Blink Army
Blink Army 5 시간 전
@Makarand pawar wow great 🤩🤩😂😂
Makarand pawar
Makarand pawar 6 시간 전
Hahaha right I learned it just now lol 😂😅😂
Ann_ Hwang
Ann_ Hwang 6 시간 전
Algo que blink jamas superara el baile de Lisa es un claro ejemplo Yo ya me lo aprendi :v
D M R 6 시간 전
😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂 pigi pigi
Isadora Balduino
Isadora Balduino 6 시간 전
Manu Gavassi da Tailândia
BLINK 6 시간 전
Naba Mochi ⟭⟬
Naba Mochi ⟭⟬ 6 시간 전
army and blink
merli star
merli star 6 시간 전
1:25🤣🤣🤣 jennie
Alisa Mahly
Alisa Mahly 6 시간 전
Thais Ferreira
Thais Ferreira 6 시간 전
Kkkkk a lisa é um ícone
kisi kisi
kisi kisi 6 시간 전
woah still trending #2 in Philippines even after 4 days 🔥 it reach #1 days ago
Ehzraa_ 6 시간 전
I see some GOT7 yugyeom vibes seeing her dance style x)
Chacha Lilies
Chacha Lilies 6 시간 전
Still trending 7 Indonesia. Daebaakk Lisa
Momy 6 시간 전
ليش صار في منتجات اورقانك☘️؟؟ سلسله لماذا ‼️👇 kopost.info/home/ynemy8KprNbLsXk/bidio
Gee Bautista
Gee Bautista 6 시간 전
Mehvish Fatima
Mehvish Fatima 6 시간 전
Lisa the dancing queen
Makarand pawar
Makarand pawar 6 시간 전
Right 👑
Shipra Singh
Shipra Singh 6 시간 전
When u like it so much that u keep coming back to this but can't like it more than once . Ohh my greedy self i wish to like it every time i see this . Our lisa is soo funny . Blinks love u 💖 lisa 💖 💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛
Erwantie nayi
Erwantie nayi 6 시간 전
i love lisa jennie hooo
tenshi Garcia
tenshi Garcia 6 시간 전
❤️❤️❤️ la lisaaaaaaaaa
Love 6 시간 전
น่ารักเอามากๆ เอาเพลงไทยไปเต้นต่างแดน
k star
k star 6 시간 전
Can someone tell me the name of this thai song
Анастасия Трошкина
Анастасия Трошкина 6 시간 전
Может, пожалуйста, кто-нибудь объяснить, что там происходит? 🙏
Ryan Z
Ryan Z 6 시간 전
Makarand pawar
Makarand pawar 6 시간 전
Damn wherever I go on tik tok, instagram, twitter, KOpost and lots There were her dance videos and That's I came here it 😂😂😂 At 1:22
민호 6 시간 전
무표정이 포인트다ㅋㅋ매력지린다
ZHU FELIX 6 시간 전
Jhon macky Villegas
Jhon macky Villegas 6 시간 전
Is dath black pink
Lalisa blink army
Lalisa blink army 6 시간 전
She's so funny
keep spinning
keep spinning 6 시간 전
Lisa indeed is the female version of BAMBAM HAHAH
Jake Pinzon
Jake Pinzon 6 시간 전
Lisa it's so funny😂😂😂
Кирилл Смолин
Кирилл Смолин 6 시간 전
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Tea partlytime
Tea partlytime 6 시간 전
🤨🤭I thought she was going to get canceled... for something but she just mouthed it so we good... I was so scared yall where going to figured out, lol... My bias!! Lisa🥰😍🥰😍
If you think life is hard Try being a multistan
If you think life is hard Try being a multistan 6 시간 전
What the hell are u talking about
Symp Musical
Symp Musical 6 시간 전
What makes her a good dancer is knowing how to put good facial expressions as well. Most people forget how important that is when dancing🔥🔥🔥♥️❣️❣️❣️
Ok Ok
Ok Ok 6 시간 전
Pox Barrio
Pox Barrio 6 시간 전
Rifan Ertz
Rifan Ertz 6 시간 전
Oroob’s Island
Oroob’s Island 6 시간 전
Bijay Brown
Bijay Brown 6 시간 전
someone plz send me a original song youtube link ?
A J 6 시간 전
The fact that she can be BADASS, FUNNY & CUTE at the same time❤️
彡BeautyLaliss 6 시간 전
New trend lol
Nur Hanani
Nur Hanani 7 시간 전
At the first dance , is she done that freestyle or has she practiced it before the show ? It just that it's too perfect if its really a freestyle
If you think life is hard Try being a multistan
If you think life is hard Try being a multistan 6 시간 전
It’s not freestyle it’s from her lilifilm
Shuji Ling
Shuji Ling 7 시간 전
Lalisa sshi
Lalisa sshi 7 시간 전
Queen of Trending
Lalisa sshi
Lalisa sshi 7 시간 전
Queen of Viral 👌🏻✨
파인애플 7 시간 전
한국인 댓글 어딨냥?
AhLa Chanel
AhLa Chanel 7 시간 전
Kaki Game
Kaki Game 7 시간 전
Where Nickhun now?
Ardi Ninos club cbr chanel
Ardi Ninos club cbr chanel 7 시간 전
Ngomong apaansi
Rajshree Sharma
Rajshree Sharma 7 시간 전
India : Nagin dance Thailand : crab dance
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