Jimmy Kimmel Interviews BLACKPINK!

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Jimmy Kimmel Live

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Jennie, Rosé, Jisoo, and Lisa talk about being mobbed by fans, going out in disguises, coming up with the name BLINKS for their fans, Jisoo’s favorite English phrase, going to school for performance, learning lots of languages, playing Coachella, meeting Jaden Smith, how they came up with the title for their new album “The Album,” working with Cardi B, and Jimmy speaks some Korean!
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Vincent 8 시간 전
rosé is best girl
abelle dame
abelle dame 15 시간 전
I've seen a couple english interviews with blackpink and I've got to say this is the first I've seen Jisoo more at ease. It was great if Jimmy to include her in the interview although she doesn't know english that well yet.
ottoc ficste
ottoc ficste 일 전
Rosé is a comedian. Singer is her second job. CONFIRMED...
Qamar Qamar
Qamar Qamar 일 전
Jisoo is cute
Veda Wendy
Veda Wendy 일 전
I think when Jennie mentioned the ‘session’ she meant the training session for giving speech or interview kinda stuff. That’s a pity that she can’t spill the tea 💀
Sanera Sangma
Sanera Sangma 일 전
hayley monique
hayley monique 일 전
I wish there was an video where Blackpink Interviews their fans. HahahA
Cavalo kpoper
Cavalo kpoper 일 전
Alguém traduz aí galera🤼🏌️
Kwang LeeMak
Kwang LeeMak 2 일 전
I was about to say “Rosé looks like a princess”, but then I realized that Rosé actually IS a princess.
Sharvin #CR7FAN
Sharvin #CR7FAN 2 일 전
Not a fan of blackpink but jisoo is damm cute 😍
Bishal Adhikari
Bishal Adhikari 2 일 전
Jisoo smile Kill's whenever I see her 😍 😘
Ms. Jennie Kim
Ms. Jennie Kim 2 일 전
Ms. Jennie Kim
Ms. Jennie Kim 2 일 전
Saranghae jennieeee
AAYAN YT 2 일 전
BTW I am big fan of Lisa because I am also a girl
AAYAN YT 2 일 전
AAYAN YT 2 일 전
I am very big fan means your blink
AAYAN YT 2 일 전
My name is Humaira Khanam
AAYAN YT 2 일 전
Hello blackpink
Light Falcon
Light Falcon 2 일 전
We are fans of (GOT7) an international kpop group. We want to see them on your program We will be very happy with that.
Light Falcon
Light Falcon 2 일 전
We are fans of (GOT7) an international kpop group. We want to see them on your program We will be very happy with that.
S T A m Y
S T A m Y 2 일 전
Not a blink (nothing against them either lmao plz don’t attack me haha) but I remember a few years back no one ever talked about Jisoo but coming back and reading the comments, I’m surprised and very glad she’s so popular and appreciated now 🥺😊
Veronica Ramon
Veronica Ramon 3 일 전
Is he saying on repeat that sentence to be funny or what?
Ardie Christ
Ardie Christ 3 일 전
Jisoo jennie capricorn team sitting be like “sit straight like queen”
Devin Eggert
Devin Eggert 3 일 전
He did a really great interview. It was nice of him to ask great questions to each of the girls.
Jennifer Pulgarin
Jennifer Pulgarin 3 일 전
Qué lástima
Saulo Melo
Saulo Melo 4 일 전
My baby jisoo
rosié posie247
rosié posie247 4 일 전
That's a pity
kimiagurl 4 일 전
yeah this was super awk. I've never seen blackpink look so uncomfortable
mark ans
mark ans 4 일 전
just let Lisa dance Jimmy for pete's sake
Zuri Romo
Zuri Romo 4 일 전
They are super controlled by someone. They look. So nervous to answer. Certain things. Especially the one in the red dress. Acts kinda weird.
blackpizzah 일 전
in other performances they are way more confortable and natural, they seemed forced to do this tho
gordon fpres
gordon fpres 5 일 전
Seriously Rosé is speaking English so politely.. Omg
jimin is bae :3
jimin is bae :3 5 일 전
astigmatik 5 일 전
worst interview. jimmy didnt respect them
Katy Perry
Katy Perry 5 일 전
Why is every interviewer asks korean groups 'what is their favorite english words' Why do they think they should have it? Do you guys have fave english words? For example i don't have any special words How can somebody have only one single fave word in the whole language?😂
Alpha 1337
Alpha 1337 5 일 전
Jimmy is not cool
Melody Shane
Melody Shane 5 일 전
the interview questions kinda sucked ngl
Mukhammadjonov Ayubkhon
Mukhammadjonov Ayubkhon 5 일 전
Jimmy Kimmel: 한국말 할 줄 알아요? Blackpink: ?-)
Rachcel love adam
Rachcel love adam 5 일 전
i can listen to Rosé voice over and over, i love her accent.
Suheund Ubers
Suheund Ubers 5 일 전
I feel Rosé feels more comfortable and confident talking in english
sunny shine
sunny shine 12 시간 전
Because she is a Korean-New Zealander!
Jay 15 시간 전
i mean it's her first language :P
Leo Solor
Leo Solor 6 일 전
Rosé : Anime princess Rosé : Barbie princess Rosé : Disney princess Rosé : Manga princess
Rosé hate avocadorr
Rosé hate avocadorr 6 일 전
Jimmy really doesn't want lisa and jisoo feel left out instead of jennie and just rosé i want BLACKPINK
Christopher Ballard
Christopher Ballard 6 일 전
Wtf kind of interview was that? That was awkward Jimmy and painful to watch. LMAO
Bear Dribbling
Bear Dribbling 6 일 전
Hahahaha Why jimmy always call jisoo???
Thatoe Thura Aung
Thatoe Thura Aung 6 일 전
Love you blackpink You all are incredible
Indescribable Ji
Indescribable Ji 6 일 전
hes so proud of that phrase. little did they know its the only sentence he knows.
Haneen allime
Haneen allime 6 일 전
Cuba - Miami
Cuba - Miami 6 일 전
Dani C.alifornia
Dani C.alifornia 6 일 전
Look how Lisa have to control herself. Jennie even touch her back like saying "calm down"... Poor Lisa :(
Angelina lopez
Angelina lopez 6 일 전
roseeeeeeeeeeeeee afhbgiursghoisrjgij EKFMEKWFWQF OMG I- HER ACCSENT I LIVE FOR
Hardcore konkan
Hardcore konkan 6 일 전
0:18 whose Google assistant started
Jia Nair
Jia Nair 7 일 전
Jisoo is a mood....
III 7 일 전
new song announced thats a pity
Yir 7 일 전
I still want to know if Jisoo got the high five back
Black Pink
Black Pink 7 일 전
Black Pink
Black Pink 7 일 전
Jennie is hella gorgeous
Black Pink
Black Pink 7 일 전
Jennie so pretty pretty pretty pretty
Black Pink
Black Pink 7 일 전
Blink Eu
Blink Eu 7 일 전
Jennie saranghaeee
Blink Eu
Blink Eu 7 일 전
Blink Eu
Blink Eu 7 일 전
Jennie beautiful
Jenniessi Kimseu
Jenniessi Kimseu 7 일 전
I couldn't even imagine wearing that red dress jennie wears but she, OH GOD she slays everything she wears. STUNNING!!!
Jenniessi Kimseu
Jenniessi Kimseu 7 일 전
Fact: Jennie is barefoot during this interview. *WHAT A QUEEN*
Andrew Marc
Andrew Marc 7 일 전
Whats the word here 5:15 Why Jennie did that sneaky crap to Lisa? Was she about to say something she not suppose to?
Barbara 7 일 전
rosé pelo amor de Deus ajeita a coluna tá me dando agonia
Maria XD
Maria XD 7 일 전
Me:*seeing rosé and lisa* My gayness: let's lose control mate
athenna red
athenna red 7 일 전
Very uncomfortable to watch.C'mon they are inteligent womens who speaks in english naturally.I felt jimmy underestimated them,he keeps on shoving DO YOU KNOW I SPEAK KOREAN-perfectly responded THAT's A PITY by Jisoo🤑🤑🤑
ShionShinigami 8 일 전
I'm pretty sure Jisoo speaks better English than Jimmy speaks Korean.
Ushenya Goonetilleke
Ushenya Goonetilleke 7 일 전
Well thats obvious lol. English is more widely spoken than korean. I love both languages though.
Nash Laureta
Nash Laureta 8 일 전
yoko16 56
yoko16 56 8 일 전
Aven omed ئةفين ئوميد
Aven omed ئةفين ئوميد 8 일 전
Jisoo so beautiful
Marienel Silla
Marienel Silla 8 일 전
They look so expensive
sylvee Wk
sylvee Wk 8 일 전
Lisa forever ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Rubyxjendeukie 8 일 전
Now that we know lisa and rosé do the WAP.....post your drafts 🌚🌝
houda Nounou
houda Nounou 8 일 전
Lol thé Scream at thé begining when he speak Korean hahhffhhahaha lmao i can't they'r solo cute
Missa Amané
Missa Amané 8 일 전
He's talking to them like they don't know English ......
He talks like that so it will be easier for them all to understand
Dave Pacia
Dave Pacia 8 일 전
lisa made me listen to kpop.
James Maeso
James Maeso 9 일 전
Jisoo why so silent
aisyah 997
aisyah 997 9 일 전
5:16 I just kept thinking🤔
K pop? How about C pop (Corona Pop) jimmy is soooo brave interviewing these people; without a mask?! They should have had mask on!!!! Why are peoples made at this bro Que Las ti ma!!! X man school line was pretty good bro!
Feri Blinks
Feri Blinks 7 일 전
@Feri Blinks a you are corona infected cream puff lol
Feri Blinks
Feri Blinks 9 일 전
It's a video chat interview🤦‍♀️
Michael Magallanes
Michael Magallanes 9 일 전
they almost have an australian accent to their English
Alexander Collantes
Alexander Collantes 9 일 전
5:54, someone is very confident and relaxed to show her bare foot on Worldwide TV show. All these girls are very friendly and fun in these kind of interviews. Jisoo improved her english a lot, I think she understands a lot, and if they keep this pace, it's exhausting to be prepared to all of these interviews and events, but if they keep this way, I think she is going to have more participation, she's very funny, savage and cute.
P K 9 일 전
Lovely girls..
Bacchus Leto
Bacchus Leto 9 일 전
Jimmy Kimmel: In America we have these things called cars. Have you heard of them? Blackpink: (awkward laughter)
Alyssa Campos
Alyssa Campos 4 일 전
@Kiku Tuan bruh rightt?? like why did he literally repeat his memorized korean phrase 3 times throughout the video 😭 like 1 was enough what was the need
Kiku Tuan
Kiku Tuan 5 일 전
honestly i felt like he was mocking them. He literally showed no interest in them.
Dillybobber 9 일 전
Jisoo is just so damn cute! Have been crushing on her since day one!
Sarhang bastasteni
Sarhang bastasteni 9 일 전
I just loved lisa all the way
Michael Vander Wal
Michael Vander Wal 9 일 전
Their reaction to WAP was the most Asian reaction ever.
Yasmine B
Yasmine B 9 일 전
They live in South Korea Jimmy, not under a rock
Evanescence 7 일 전
Right??? I got a little bit frustrated by some of his questions
miguel csh
miguel csh 9 일 전
been to S.korea, tbh its alot more advance than the US
kangsu mei
kangsu mei 9 일 전
Rosé can be a good KOpostr. As she has a charm while talking & she attracts people while talking especially English
reihanew Rna
reihanew Rna 9 일 전
♥️♥️black pink
Kaitlyn Slaney
Kaitlyn Slaney 10 일 전
"What a pitty"!!!! Jisoo unnie chincha sarangheo!!!! Jimmy, you lucky goose getting to talk to our queens!!
Itsme Issa
Itsme Issa 10 일 전
Rose 🤍
frozen kyeopta
frozen kyeopta 10 일 전
I really think of this that jisoo and Jennie is more close with each other in off camera is just that jisoo is not that clingy or sweet type of friend. 💗
truong dangtan
truong dangtan 10 일 전
blackpink is so cutee.
Diana 10 일 전
Thank God it was only 7 minutes....That was the most awkward interview I've ever seen...
Lyn 10 일 전
This nigga jimmy
Kitsune3po 10 일 전
rose is cute
The Real overrated Slaygirl Random
The Real overrated Slaygirl Random 10 일 전
Hatters:we're not blinks Jisso:that's a pity
Haeun Park
Haeun Park 10 일 전
Sorry, but Jimmy's pronunciation was terrible. I could only understand because of the subtitles. Blackpink was being polite...it was not said perfectly...at all.
Timmi 98
Timmi 98 10 일 전
Chaeng in the thumbnail aawww cutie
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