Yuh-Jung Youn's Wonderful Speech for Winning Supporting Actress for Minari | EE BAFTA Film 2021

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Yuh-Jung Youn wins Supporting Actress for Minari at the EE BAFTA Film Awards 2021.
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Joey Jackson
Joey Jackson 2 일 전
J C 5 일 전
Love British ppl cause they embrace sarcasm tell u straight up what they think no filter and don’t take offense on the little things like can’t everyone just be insensitive and chill. British people don’t try to offend. It’s their culture to bluntly be about so enjoy the snobbishness
Ikerina 7 일 전
*"Snobbish people"* Ma'am... that's deep 😂😂😂😂😂
S. L.
S. L. 9 일 전
this might be the greatest acceptance speech ever
Raphael Garcia Schlobohm
Raphael Garcia Schlobohm 9 일 전
Genuinely thoughtful. Elegant and witty. ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Rose Hepworth
Rose Hepworth 9 일 전
Hahaha this was so awesome. She’s not wrong about snobs - you’re either a snob or a chavs here, the rest between are snob-wannabes. 😂😂😂
Пак Су Ха
Пак Су Ха 9 일 전
많이 많이 수고했어요✨🥰
Saurav SASIKUMAR 9 일 전
...and she chose violence
Cristina Bojorquez
Cristina Bojorquez 9 일 전
Her reaction when she realizes she's the winner is priceless.
drop 56 bambu
drop 56 bambu 10 일 전
elegant genuine funny smart
Claudia Papini Ayala
Claudia Papini Ayala 10 일 전
Oscar very poor and with bad films. And it wasn't just the pandemic. American cinema has suffered for the past two decades from an absolute lack of creativity. Good scripts are lacking, imagination is lacking and good actors are lacking. Until the 1980s, the number of great stars - of great actresses and actors - could be counted in the tens. Today Oscar is in such poverty that the show is pathetic. And the award of these Korean films, what is the meaning of this! A horrible cinema - the film, The Parasite, awarded last year, deserves the title of the worst film of the century, this century and the previous one. Something ghastly! An absurd and senseless social criticism, the film's grotesque is so bad, especially in its message. How high did the Oscar party get! I remember myself, a boy watching the Oscars in the 70s. At the time, great films, great actors, great musical performances during the party. Today Oscar is so bad! Zero score for this!
Egon S
Egon S 11 일 전
Finally someone said it😂 congrats🤍🏆
Cleo's mum puddy tat
Cleo's mum puddy tat 12 일 전
Lovely speech. I'll take her on a tour of Liverpool (other cities are available) and let her see how not snobbish we are.😏
Eunicep Brown
Eunicep Brown 12 일 전
Congratulations to Yuh-Jung for amazing performances ❤😍🤗🥰😘🔥🙌👌👍👏🏻
Mateus Campos
Mateus Campos 12 일 전
frieswithmayo 13 일 전
Bafta. Like Hollywood, as woke as Josef Goebbels was antisemite.
Danna Madura
Danna Madura 13 일 전
Youn Yuh Jung... classy, sassy and in a league of her own. I'm binge watching all her movies after I watched Minari, my favorite scenes were the ones she shares with Alan Kim. If you're interested, her debut movie The Housemaid (1960) is on YT. I really liked her in Bacchus Lady and The Taste of Money as well. She is the grande dame of Korean film
Nargon46 13 일 전
Such a wonderful speech. She should give lessons to all Hollywood actors on how to give a good, genuine, non rehearsed speech.
김뇽냥늉이 13 일 전
Actress Yoon Yo-jung, you're so confident. I think she's the coolest woman of this era. Wherever you go, I admire you for expressing your opinion without being discouraged. I'll cheer for your future steps! 🔥🔥🔥
Hell Rider
Hell Rider 13 일 전
I am surprised that British people didn't get offensive.
Aameya Devansh
Aameya Devansh 13 일 전
The Brits have a really good sense of humor. They don't get offended by these roasts, they actually enjoy them😂
S. Susan Marandi
S. Susan Marandi 13 일 전
1:15 Thank me later.
Dave 13 일 전
Que belaaaaaaaaaa!! La amo!!
Nieve Williams
Nieve Williams 13 일 전
I’m literally crying 😫 why am I crying.. I just love her
Ψυχή μίασμα
Ψυχή μίασμα 13 일 전
Okay she should do stand-up
prasisty utary
prasisty utary 14 일 전
Luv u youre awesome
Mohd Syahir
Mohd Syahir 14 일 전
VEL DA 14 일 전
1st i know her on 'Youn's Kitchen' Korea variety show then 'Youn's Stay' & now she got the award..congratulation for the 'Minari' granny..i love her character
dr rd
dr rd 14 일 전
I wonder if she realizes that the British people occupy 4 different Countries, each with different, culture and values. I wonder what country she is referring to as Snobbish?! 🤔
dr rd
dr rd 14 일 전
Yeah, well if you watch too much BBC programming it might seem like the UK is Snobbish.
Christopher Rhodes
Christopher Rhodes 14 일 전
Snobbish coming from a Korean I don't see any British actors being recognised in Korean film awards lol probably cause they dont cast British actors in Korean films and yet we're the snobs 🤣
mon senor
mon senor 8 일 전
She is just joking - pretty typical of her. Im sure she likes British people otherwise wont even make that joke.
Jisoo Kim
Jisoo Kim 13 일 전
@Christopher Rhodes hmm.. yeah i understand your confusion. What I can think of is maybe all the academy awards trying to go global. Oscar was technically a local film festival and only had awarded foreign film under a small section(when those locals thought that's globa festival), but last year, foreign film won in oscar for the first time in history and started recognizing more foreign movies.. I guess maybe that's why!
Christopher Rhodes
Christopher Rhodes 13 일 전
@Jisoo Kim I always assumed Brit awards were British actor or British films since the name was brit awards
Christopher Rhodes
Christopher Rhodes 13 일 전
@Jisoo Kim I'm confused so why is she getting a British award if the film wasn't even British shouldn't it be golden globes where its a international award
Jisoo Kim
Jisoo Kim 13 일 전
@Christopher Rhodes if you found it insulting, I am sorry but what I am trying to explain here is the fact she got awarded via the movie that is made by korean director in america with a 'korean role'. She is not getting the award since she casted in British movie. It is also rare that korean getting casted in British movie just as brit actors rarely casted in korean movie.. that's normal- since in korean movie, there're a few foreign roles and vice versa in british movie. Even those of which awarded in korean film festivals are not Korean movies.
Yoonmi Park
Yoonmi Park 14 일 전
Savage? We all know in history who the very savage people were to conqure so many continents then brushed up as being gentle and snobs...... not fare. She is so cool being funny and sarcastic in here!
zenmendoza828 14 일 전
first saw her in the netflix movie Dear My Friends, loved her and other senior korean actors with her❤️🇰🇷
Charmaine Tavas
Charmaine Tavas 14 일 전
Wow! I used to watch her TV reality show “Youn’s Kitchen” makes me want to watch them again 😊
Kiro Ron
Kiro Ron 14 일 전
I love her. I always love Korean Drama... it makes you cry like a crazy... because you laugh and they cry... so much emotions they gave to every scenes...
이십대입니다 14 일 전
asian grandma saying what she thinks with nothing to hold her back non-ironically at BAFTA FILM AWARDS
Krystal A
Krystal A 14 일 전
“Snobbish people approve me” yess we doooo legend 💓
M Yang
M Yang 14 일 전
😂🤣 British people know now your international reputation. At least in Korea.
Quinn M
Quinn M 14 일 전
Mixed feelings. Happy that she won, sad that she supports the monarchy and an anti-Asian racist.
김 가다시안
김 가다시안 14 일 전
It was just part of the condolence. She is not British!
Smee 15 일 전
Congratulations Yuh Jung Youn !!!!
Rad S
Rad S 15 일 전
Guuuuuuhhhrrllll!! hahahha Love her.
Vivian Rodriguez
Vivian Rodriguez 15 일 전
Roi Ontiv
Roi Ontiv 15 일 전
Thank you to the snobbish people... Love her!!!
Peter B. Kim
Peter B. Kim 15 일 전
Awesome! Her sincere and humble acceptance show how much she is just genuine actor despite her glorious career in korea! She is definitely a bad ass and lovable human being and mostly fabulous actor in endless films that she has been in! So proud to be korean!
Poppy K
Poppy K 15 일 전
Snobbish people🤣😂
A. Park
A. Park 15 일 전
I just love her. She doesn't try to be adorable but she is. :))
Sam k
Sam k 15 일 전
she's so iconic
Puka Keneki
Puka Keneki 15 일 전
I love how Joker approved at the end
Tak L
Tak L 15 일 전
Korea defining indeed
Sawan Sensei
Sawan Sensei 15 일 전
man she said it ❤️❤️ snobbish
B. R.
B. R. 15 일 전
She said condolence and then called them snobbish. I love korean grandma honesty! I LOVE her.
Moody Cow
Moody Cow 15 일 전
savage grandma😂
philip013 15 일 전
Prince Philip would have appreciated and approved that speech.
jeff strong
jeff strong 15 일 전
Oh no she was kidding when she said British were snub. Most S Koreans knows UK contribution to Korea war so very appreciates all Brits.
Aotula Pongen
Aotula Pongen 15 일 전
😭😭😭😭 she won an Oscar!!!
o i
o i 15 일 전
Finally oscar winning
PACHANON Boutique Closet
PACHANON Boutique Closet 15 일 전
Salute 🙏👍❤️🎊
Paul 15 일 전
LOL "snobbish people" recognized her her talent no doubt
J Mia
J Mia 15 일 전
She always funny to me, I watching her in Youn's Kithcen & Youn's Stay!! She so humble and wonderfull!!
Terry Lin
Terry Lin 15 일 전
Congratulations. 高雄發大財喔💰💰!
Lilo Stitch
Lilo Stitch 15 일 전
윤배우님 오스카 수상도 축하드려요!!!
Oscar Ivan Cordon
Oscar Ivan Cordon 15 일 전
Anybody here after she won the Oscar? What a boss 💪💪💪
Gee Chen
Gee Chen 9 일 전
@Aameya Devansh same! I started googling her works and totally binged her reality shows Youn's Kitchen & Youn's Stay. She's a straight shooter and very charming ❤️❤️❤️
roberto veiga
roberto veiga 12 일 전
@Aameya Devansh YASSSSSSS I think if i get an oscar by Mr. Brad Pitt I wouldnt even be able to talk
Aameya Devansh
Aameya Devansh 13 일 전
She's just so effortlessly hilarious... "Mr. Brad Pitt.. Finally!" "I was luckier than you" "My two boys who make me go out and work. This is the result because Mommy work hard." I love her so much and I'm so pissed at myself that I never knew her before Minari
Alvis Augustine Meredith
Alvis Augustine Meredith 13 일 전
Me lol 😂
mensrea 15 일 전
That she is. 💯
Emperor Oak
Emperor Oak 15 일 전
Lovely grandma and so proud of Asian got oscar 💪💪
Claudia Cavero
Claudia Cavero 15 일 전
Súper autentica, me encanto!
Daeun C.
Daeun C. 15 일 전
and she also became the winner in oscar 21 !!! 감사합니다 ㅜㅜ
Trân Đoàn
Trân Đoàn 15 일 전
Go grandma!!!!
이정환 15 일 전
She is 75 years old in korean age
Oidow Gundegmaa
Oidow Gundegmaa 15 일 전
Congratulations to you.You are the best and a great actress.Korean star.🎉🎉❤❤🇰🇷🇰🇷
obbor4 15 일 전
That's just how she is in the dramas, only in English.
Giovanny Espinoza
Giovanny Espinoza 15 일 전
Now she win the Oscar
Pantôrra 15 일 전
And she win Oscar too...
Anna 16 일 전
The oscar is cominh
Rachael A
Rachael A 16 일 전
She thanked the British snobs for recognising her talent LOL She said what she said and im here for it haha
Catarina 16 일 전
So veeeey well deserved!
P K 17 일 전
João Pedro Bezerra
João Pedro Bezerra 17 일 전
she’s a queen
musgrave68 17 일 전
like giving a bereaved royal snob a condolent hug and then kicking him on the shin...
지구인 17 일 전
I guess that Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh would find her saying "snobbish" hilarious. RIP. Viva to all cheerful souls over 60.
camino love
camino love 17 일 전
She is indeed lovely and great actress. I am rooting for her Oscar. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Eligius Emil
Eligius Emil 18 일 전
Pure class.
B King
B King 18 일 전
snobbish people hahahaha she knows british people very well
fruttie tuttie
fruttie tuttie 18 일 전
She is Gracious by starting her speech with deep condolences to the Royal Family - Asians really are very respectful -
Elle 18 일 전
Our favourite grandma ❤️❤️ I also burst out laughing when she said "known for being snobbish" 😂😂😂
star00 moon
star00 moon 18 일 전
I loved her winning speech
Gantsilyo Baguio
Gantsilyo Baguio 19 일 전
Savage grandma!
Hashtag K
Hashtag K 19 일 전
Check out Youn Yuh-Jung’s legendary drama “Dear My Friends” and the variety show “Youn’s kitchen 2” with eng subs on our channel! 😀😀 Playlist ▶️ kopost.info/round/PLDuY1MGzMYKCSFO9HZlX17HtP2Iqqzzce.html
auliahulahula 19 일 전
She's amazing 😍
María José Díaz Pérez
María José Díaz Pérez 19 일 전
I love her!!
He Zhiwu
He Zhiwu 20 일 전
El mejor momento de la noche
doctorsoo 20 일 전
God save the Queen & God bless Britain.
silvia jm
silvia jm 20 일 전
She is so adorable!!♥
2.B.I.O Hyun
2.B.I.O Hyun 20 일 전
Long live Yuh Jung Yoon !
Jackson Brito
Jackson Brito 21 일 전
1:15 - The Best Academy Award Moment Ever Suck it up RACIST BAFTA and British Monarchy
rgncajun21 22 일 전
I’m dead iconic already
dave santos
dave santos 22 일 전
They are snobbish.....
Tran Phuong Anh
Tran Phuong Anh 22 일 전
The Queen 👑
coco nut
coco nut 23 일 전
Fucking legend !!!
Po Ku
Po Ku 23 일 전
She was Awesome in Minari😍
turtleflow 24 일 전
So well deserved. Congratulations Yuh-Jung Youn! Represent 🇰🇷💖
Aameya Devansh
Aameya Devansh 24 일 전
Ok just give her the Oscar, she's so adorable I can't wait to hear her Oscar acceptance speech
03 AI
03 AI 24 일 전
Hahahahaha, I love her jokes about Brits.
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