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B1A4 4TH ALBUM "Origine" has been released.
#B1A4 #Origine #LikeaMovie #비원에이포 #오리진 #영화처럼
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B1A4 Official

Keshav Gupta
Keshav Gupta 44 분 전
Those who came after anupam rajput roast 😂
Kioplk Jh
Kioplk Jh 45 분 전
I can’t believe that this masterpiece is having less views than the copied song “Shona Shona”. Being an Indian I’m ashamed to this song is copied.
VLOG With Aatish babar
VLOG With Aatish babar 시간 전
Who is here after anupam rajput roast tony kakkar new copy theme song #shonashona
VLOG With Aatish babar
VLOG With Aatish babar 시간 전
This is original song and the copy of theme is this chutiya song shona shona by tony kakkar
Bhai G
Bhai G 시간 전
Sohna Sohna song copy kiya bc issai😠
Kon kon anupam ke video se aaya yaha 😂😂😂
FARSIN BM 2 시간 전
Any one after Tonny kakar shona shona tati song 😁
Pamela Figueiredo
Pamela Figueiredo 7 시간 전
Cristina neko15
Cristina neko15 7 시간 전
Christine Ann Managbanag
Christine Ann Managbanag 9 시간 전
Don't sleep on them. Nice song🎶
dijey bn
dijey bn 11 시간 전
Road to 12M!! Fighting BANAs!
Charles Verdier
Charles Verdier 14 시간 전
giorno joestar
giorno joestar 16 시간 전
FOREVER B1A4!!!!!! Im cryiing because i miss them so much. This music video is so awesome. Im so glad to see them together.I really needed this mv.
中二病患者 16 시간 전
giorno joestar
giorno joestar 16 시간 전
i miss my boys!!!!!
majoporti16 16 시간 전
triple A hun
triple A hun 17 시간 전
Every B1A4 song is so pure and original .. dxlshsjttrwvcnvseaojs
Pamela Figueiredo
Pamela Figueiredo 18 시간 전
Uroosa Khan
Uroosa Khan 21 시간 전
Came here after the "shona shona" situation but was so surprised. I truly enjoyed this song. From the music, to vocals, to the artistry and cgi. As an army and an Indian i truly am disappointed in Indian music industry for this shameful act of copying this masterpiece. I hope they get sued for this.
Kpop922 & kdrama
Kpop922 & kdrama 21 시간 전
안녕하세요 B1A4 팬입니다.... B1A4가 많이보고 싶었어 😭 인도 가수 Tony Kakkar의 신작 Shona Shona MV가 B1A4의 영화처럼MV 과 I*zone의 Beware MV에서 표절되었습니다. 그들은 실제로 Mv 시퀀스를 복사하여 붙여 넣었을 때 "영감을 받았다"고 말했습니다. 이것은 영감이 아니고 독창적 인 아이디어를 사용하며 원래 디자인과 약간의 변화가 있으며 MV는 상용 제품이기 때문에 표절 된 영감을 인정하더라도 여전히 IP로 다른 사람의 작업을 사용하여 혜택을받을 수 없습니다.. (예, IP 법률은 국가마다 다릅니다.)설명란에 영감을 받아 글을 써도 표절이 해결되지 않는다 ... !!오랜 세월 바나로서,누군가가 영화처럼 쉽게 표절하는 걸 보면 답답해.B1A4는 이번 컴백을 위해 열심히 노력했습니다.B1A4가 저희를 위해 삼년 만에 컴백했습니다 (바 나즈) ..신우 오빠가 바나를 위해 이렇게 썼다고 ...제발 바나 ...소중한 우리의 노래를 영화처럼 지켜주세요 !!!
Hira awan
Hira awan 일 전
Bollywood copied the whole Mv...
Srishti Singh
Srishti Singh 17 시간 전
not every industry in India is Bollywood...he is a just like any other solo artist
Zahra Naqvi
Zahra Naqvi 일 전
Came here after Shona Shona 😾
R의 돌망진창 바나인생 _
R의 돌망진창 바나인생 _ 일 전
Imma the chopsticks that Jin always carry
Imma the chopsticks that Jin always carry 일 전
*This aesthetic song and it's concept should be preserved* *I hope Tony Kakkar gets officially attacked for plagiarising these Original concepts* "If you don't know lemme tell you Tony Kakkar is a CRINGY Indian singer who loves to steal other's concepts,he thinks himself as a Superior RAPPER but he is useless please Report his SHONA SHONA song"
Booh Meoshitge
Booh Meoshitge 일 전
To all the people talking about Shona shona. I watch the MV of it and so far I don't see any plagiarism in it. The genre of song is totally different. The only similarities is the theme of the MV. Bruh, no one can own that theme.
nisha ekka
nisha ekka 20 시간 전
@Some Random Clown Seriously they should have done some research before copying them. They should be ashamed if they dug deep down into the story of b1a4 and found what they are known for ORIGINALITY🤦🏿‍♀️.
Some Random Clown
Some Random Clown 20 시간 전
They plagiarized Half of this Entire MV. Like the Phone Booth Scene, Building Scene, The Dancing Ontop a Train Scene, and The Diner Scene. They also copied IZ*ONE and it can be scene through the entire GOD DAMN MV. Also, they profited more due to the fact that they have 20 Mil subs on their YT channel who are so dumb they think that they made this entire concept themselves.
nisha ekka
nisha ekka 20 시간 전
People aren't talking about plagiarism of the songs they are talking about the plagiarism of sets used in the mv🤦🏿‍♀️
Sofia Raine Encinas
Sofia Raine Encinas 일 전
Hi im a new fan...what do they call their fandom?
Pamela Figueiredo
Pamela Figueiredo 18 시간 전
Welcome BANA ❤️
Golden Snow Gina
Golden Snow Gina 일 전
Welcome, baby BANA ^^
Dani 일 전
Welcome to the fandom! ♡
minnoulli 일 전
We are called BANA
majoporti16 일 전
Jin Mommy
Jin Mommy 일 전
Please take action on the plagiarism Indians have copied this song. Tony kakkar song shona shona, they've copied you
Caucasian Crown
Caucasian Crown 일 전
Im here to see if Shona Shona is a copy of this song
minnoulli 일 전
Not the song, but the images/concepts in the MV
Pamela Figueiredo
Pamela Figueiredo 일 전
America Olguin
America Olguin 일 전
Hermoso video ♥️
St Ardiyanti
St Ardiyanti 일 전
Love the song and the MV is also cute
재성민 일 전
Rachel H
Rachel H 일 전
This is such a beautiful track and the video is class 🌟 Nobody does it better 🌟 Love B1A4 💚💚💚
Abhishek Chaurasia
Abhishek Chaurasia 일 전
Shona Shona got more views😂
joseph taren
joseph taren 일 전
Who came after tony kakkar shona shona
Bae joohyun
Bae joohyun 일 전
That brat 😒
majoporti16 일 전
Hazel Padua
Hazel Padua 일 전
Can't wait for the concert!!
rajvir singh
rajvir singh 일 전
Can y'all please stop talking about shona shona here? Please focus on informing the entertainment companies instead of putting it here beacuse it really hurtss :(
nisha ekka
nisha ekka 20 시간 전
Same thoughts
Suman Singh
Suman Singh 일 전
So better than that crappy copied 'shona shona' song.
Julie Huynh
Julie Huynh 일 전
Love at the first hearing❤️
Queen Mirha
Queen Mirha 일 전
Indian song sohna sohna copied you guys I am telling because I am a fan
Pamela Figueiredo
Pamela Figueiredo 일 전
Krishna Shah
Krishna Shah 일 전
Indian's after Shona Shona attendance please
Lachimo lala
Lachimo lala 2 일 전
Guys Bollywood have copied this.. They copies every kpop song.. I am so angry they didn’t even give credit.. How shameless bollywood is... I hate bollywood very much for this fucking work...🤬🤬
fbnmll gcjkkk
fbnmll gcjkkk 2 시간 전
IT'S NOT BOLLYWOOD.....🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
Srishti Singh
Srishti Singh 17 시간 전
***it's from a music label called Desi Music Factory ***
Tifany Lim
Tifany Lim 2 일 전
FIGHTING B1A4 !!!!!!💪💪💪💪
Pamela Figueiredo
Pamela Figueiredo 2 일 전
Prasasti Sharma
Prasasti Sharma 2 일 전
Came after Tony kakkar's Shona😂
Swati Thakur
Swati Thakur 2 일 전
Shona shona tony kakaar copied whole song
Eduarda Rufino
Eduarda Rufino 2 일 전
Achei essa música numa playlist aleatória do Spotify, e meu Deus que perfeito S2
Mylena S. - Naruense
Mylena S. - Naruense 2 일 전
My favorites going strong
Pamela Figueiredo
Pamela Figueiredo 2 일 전
Dani 2 일 전
I still come here multiple times a day. Let's keep giving B1A4 love and appreciating their beautiful music, BANA ♡
Kpop922 & kdrama
Kpop922 & kdrama 2 일 전
Yeah it's so beautiful ...even I heard it hundred times...it's sad someone plagiarized B1A4'S Like A Movie... See here kopost.info/home/uYpmsa6KpNarv6M/bidio Report the song which plagiarized it
majoporti16 2 일 전
majoporti16 2 일 전
Ritika 2 일 전
Why no one is talking about those copycats who copied their mv 💔🥺✖️
Who came hear after seeing shona shona by tony kakkar
Wan Yihua
Wan Yihua 2 일 전
وحشنييييي ساندول
Wan Yihua
Wan Yihua 2 일 전
السونغ لطيفة جدااا
Hisoka's Wifu
Hisoka's Wifu 2 일 전
Far better than crappy song "SHONA SHONA"
Shubhneet Kaur
Shubhneet Kaur 2 일 전
This song is really gr8 u r so good but Tony Kakkar plagiarized this song plz plz report that song kopost.info/home/r26l1cOYi7e1yJ8/bidio
Hopi Girl07
Hopi Girl07 3 일 전
Why in this mv no like 😭😭😭
Hopi Girl07
Hopi Girl07 2 일 전
@Hazel Padua 👍👍
Yunhyeong Algorithm
Yunhyeong Algorithm 2 일 전
@Hazel Padua 👍
Hazel Padua
Hazel Padua 2 일 전
@Yunhyeong Algorithm nope, i dont think they did it because they're only 3 members. WM hides the number of likes for the music videos of all of their artists.. If you will check B1A4's A Lie & Rollin' MV (on this channel) it's hidden as well. But I agree that they possibly chose to hide it to avoid critisms or hate.
Yunhyeong Algorithm
Yunhyeong Algorithm 2 일 전
I'm sure their company anticipate that this will get less likes since there are only 3 members in this comeback. If you did'nt know guys, a lot of K-Pop stans in KOpost are questioning why an MV has small number of likes but gets high views(they use ads). I guess, their company hide it for people not to criticize and hate this comeback by just looking at likes/views ratio.
Hopi Girl07
Hopi Girl07 2 일 전
@Hazel Padua ok thank you ☺️
ʀօɦǟռ ӄʊʍǟʀ
ʀօɦǟռ ӄʊʍǟʀ 3 일 전
Indian song - Shona shona copied your theme 😂😂🤣🤣 Kindly give them copyright strike🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
조잘조잘 라디오도치의
조잘조잘 라디오도치의 3 일 전
뭔가 울컥한다 새벽에 들으니깐 뭔가 눈물나
bun bun
bun bun 3 일 전
I loVe NaMtIdDiEs
I loVe NaMtIdDiEs 3 일 전
I miss these kinda vibes so much:(
Indian Happiness
Indian Happiness 3 일 전
Haters can go to d extent limit of hate.... seriously yr?... u have not copied anything ? When u see good thing.everyone who is here to report Shona shona is Sid Sana hater for sure. U will not admit but it's true.
Mugi pyon
Mugi pyon 일 전
You obviously doesn't understand the concept of plagiarism then
pongy25 3 일 전
어떤 인도 가수가 이 뮤비를 표절했네요.장면 장면 아주 허접하게 표절했던데 외국이라 어떤 법적조치를 못 취하나요?
Crap Bag
Crap Bag 3 일 전
Everything is so pretty
kruti jhala
kruti jhala 3 일 전
Once again here to feel sorry and angry! As I am stre@ming GOT7's new MVs, I'll also come here to see this beautiful song. *TONY KAKKAR GTH* **ANGRY**
Divya Bhati
Divya Bhati 3 일 전
I am also come from there.
B1A4 Sprout Team Brazil
B1A4 Sprout Team Brazil 3 일 전
Alyssa Kate
Alyssa Kate 3 일 전
sayang wala na si Jinyoung :
Alyssa Kate
Alyssa Kate 3 일 전
sunshine333135 3 일 전
B1A4 songs are always so good. I love everything about this mv ❤
Indian Happiness
Indian Happiness 3 일 전
Every Indian coming here to say report Shona shona ...surely they r haters of Sid Sana
Xo Xo
Xo Xo 2 일 전
@Indian Happiness the credit isn't enough.. they only wrote it after being caught..we never hate the actress and the actor who acted there i even don't know about them.. But the company and the directors should be responsible for the plagiarism.. if they have shame they should take down the mv, or at least contact the original art creator and ask permission for it..that's how plagiarism consequence is.. Also don't even normalize plagiarism act.. you'll know how serious it is if you're an art creator themselves..
Indian Happiness
Indian Happiness 3 일 전
@Divya Bhati n I don't want to argue❤️...tc bye.
Indian Happiness
Indian Happiness 3 일 전
@Divya Bhati there is credit given if u can see...🙏
Divya Bhati
Divya Bhati 3 일 전
@Indian Happiness oh really. If you work hard on something and someone copy that.. It's not bad, it's good.... It's really good. 👏👏👏.
Indian Happiness
Indian Happiness 3 일 전
@Divya Bhati u have not copied anything ? When u see good thing.
Unstoppable Dreamer
Unstoppable Dreamer 3 일 전
Hey ! Desi Music Factory , a music label from India has copied some scenes from this music video without giving credits to you guys ! Hope you take some action ! Because the views on the copied one are more than the original 🙂💔 Here is the video kopost.info/home/r26l1cOYi7e1yJ8/bidio
Kpop922 & kdrama
Kpop922 & kdrama 2 일 전
@Khushi Rajput wow... amazed... that's the way you defend??? They stolen B1A4'S Like A Movie's whole concept ... changed a little bit...This Like A Movie MV hasn't been released 1 month... Shona Shona song just copied this song easily...you call it fair????
Happy Introvert
Happy Introvert 2 일 전
@Khushi Rajput kyu?
Divya Bhati
Divya Bhati 3 일 전
Yes, how can they copy.
Khushi Rajput
Khushi Rajput 3 일 전
@Happy Introvert agar wo song gaya toh ye bhi nahi bachega
Happy Introvert
Happy Introvert 3 일 전
Yeah let's fuck them over! Report the song ffs
B1A4 Sprout Team Brazil
B1A4 Sprout Team Brazil 3 일 전
majoporti16 3 일 전
Almost there!!
majoporti16 3 일 전
Pamela Figueiredo
Pamela Figueiredo 3 일 전
It's like a movie 💚B1A4 and BANA💚
Pamela Figueiredo
Pamela Figueiredo 3 일 전
Fany Fantasy
Fany Fantasy 3 일 전
B1A4 Wholesome corner 😊💚 Gongchan: precious baby with beautiful soft voice, #1 BANA and #1 fan of BANA, his laugh is so honest that would make you laugh too Sandeul: his smile could melt every heart, powerful voice, always compliments other members, baby duck CNU: the definition of talent, can slay every style, papa bear, did you guys see his dancing movements??, forever thinking of BANA even in his military service and wrote songs for them. If my memories got erased. I'm 100%sure these men would make me fall in love with B1A4 all over again, BANA let's fly 💚😊🍊✨🐶🦆🐻
God bless you
God bless you 3 일 전
i am here after the rumor of plagiat of a new indien song named shona shona thanks i don't know this group so thanks shona shona
Divya Bhati
Divya Bhati 3 일 전
majoporti16 3 일 전
Let's get more v13ws before the concert next week!!
Tiara S
Tiara S 3 일 전
I am very happy, why do mv videos from wm entertainment have Indonesian subtitles, Korean agencies rarely provide Indonesian subtitles
Mugi pyon
Mugi pyon 일 전
hataesky 3 일 전
blue yoongi
blue yoongi 3 일 전
I’ve heard of b1a4 before but never listened to their stuff, but the song and mv are so beautiful I’m almost crying lol
B1A4 Sprout Team Brazil
B1A4 Sprout Team Brazil 3 일 전
majoporti16 3 일 전
11.5M let's gooooo
B1A4 Sprout Team Brazil
B1A4 Sprout Team Brazil 3 일 전
Arciera Laurier
Arciera Laurier 3 일 전
This is such an aesthetically beautiful MV to the point it got copied lol. We just can't let B1A4's concept on this comeback be plagiarized, they worked really hard after a three year hiatus to gift us Banas with this masterpiece
Kpop922 & kdrama
Kpop922 & kdrama 2 일 전
@Arciera Laurier I hope so..WM ent. must take actions..Like A Movie MV doesn't deserve plagiarism!
Arciera Laurier
Arciera Laurier 2 일 전
@Kpop922 & kdrama and someone hasn't taken actions about it yet. Idk if WM already knew the issue. I hope they sue that ent. for plagiarism
Kpop922 & kdrama
Kpop922 & kdrama 2 일 전
Yeah...As a bana since many years...it's really frustrating to someone plagiarized B1A4'S Like A Movie song...they comebacked after 3 years...This MV hasn't been 1 month since released someone just plagiarized it....so not fair!!!
Pamela Figueiredo
Pamela Figueiredo 3 일 전
I love you B1A4 ❤️
Ayan Maisha
Ayan Maisha 4 일 전
How could those Indians copy this music video
Pamela Figueiredo
Pamela Figueiredo 4 일 전
Anushka Tayade
Anushka Tayade 4 일 전
Shona Shona MV director literally copied scenes from Beware and this MV. And the MV is meaningless while both MV depicts a story. This song is 10000 x better than Shona Shona.
Divya Bhati
Divya Bhati 3 일 전
No comparison, after all original is original.
Jhumur Nath
Jhumur Nath 4 일 전
Who is here after watching Shona shona..😑😑
LIMO 4 일 전
와 진짜 중딩때부터 파서.,이제 성인인데ㅠㅠㅠ 이 할미는 이제 너네들 연애하고 결혼해서 행복한거 보면 된다...그게 다야...
쏭쨔리 4 일 전
Someone plagiarized B1A4's music video. They are Tony Kakkar, Neha Kakkar. It's the same. From beginning to end. Funny. They're bad. I feel sorry for them who don't know the copyright. It's unconscionable and illegal. They have to apologize. And we have to delete that video. 누군가 B1A4의 뮤직비디오를 표절했습니다. 캌카인지 뭐시기인지 외국인이라 모를줄 알았나봐요. 똑같아요. 처음부터 끝까지. 웃겨요. 그들은 나빠요. 저작권을 모르는 그들은 불쌍해요. 비양심적이고 불법적이에요. 그들은 사과해야해요. 그리고 그 영상을 삭제해야해요.
이건희 2 일 전
찾아보니까 비슷하긴한데..
Shipra Verma
Shipra Verma 4 일 전
Indian so called 'star singer' Tony kakkar have shamelessly copied your creativity. Gaining popularity ,making money and above all fooling indian audience...🙄
Hanis Afiqah
Hanis Afiqah 시간 전
They copied into which song??
Babli Rokkhit
Babli Rokkhit 일 전
Also from Iz*one's 'Beware' MV...🙄#bollywoodistrash
Ritu Mahto
Ritu Mahto 2 일 전
@Shivani Gupta hahahhahaha ye sahi idea tha. Nice
Shipra Verma
Shipra Verma 3 일 전
@Divya Bhati 😁 yes
Divya Bhati
Divya Bhati 3 일 전
It's their work to copy good work .
Mugi pyon
Mugi pyon 4 일 전
Wow can't imagine what Shona Shona's MV actors feel when they realized the MV they were starring in plagiarized from this beautiful masterpiece (´-ω-`) Proud BANAs stay strong, this MV is too awesome and majestic that others literally copied its concept
Shivani Gupta
Shivani Gupta 3 일 전
Watch their other works kopost.info/home/1aZ7uKh6aKe5t3k/bidio
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